July 5, 2024

From stand-up comedy to various music performances, immerse yourself in the cultural world of West Kowloon!

What else do you see in West Kowloon, besides exhibitions and seaside lawns? And do you know that there is “Happy Friday” in the West Kowloon Cultural District?

Whether it’s a weekday or a holiday, the West Kowloon Cultural District hosts various music festivals, including the inaugural “Free Space Fest”, the first “Jazz Love” concert series, Cantonese opera and Yue opera, as well as stand-up comedy theaters, bringing a colorful cultural entertainment program that will surely satisfy everyone’s preferences!

The First Experimental Music Festival “Free Space Resonance”
A Ten-Day Summer Experimental Music Journey

Originating from the experimental music program “Free Jazz Festival: Improvisation Lab” planned by the West Kowloon Cultural District in 2019, this year it has transformed into the first experimental music festival “Freespace Noise Fest”, lasting for ten days. The aim is to gather musicians from around the world, allowing music fans to immerse themselves in a journey of unconventional sounds that challenge the definition of traditional music genres, freely exploring the power and potential of experimental music.

Musicians from 10 countries and regions around the world will present over 30 exciting performances, showcasing experimental music of different genres and types such as improvisation, ambient music, and noise. The performances will feature non-stop free improvisational music. Performers include: Japanese instrumentalist and composer Yuko Araki, American composer and sound artist Ken Ueno, Chinese musician Mei Zhiyong, Chinese musician Li Jianhong, Mexican musician Vica Pacheco, Brazilian composer Rafaele Andrade, Kazakh musician Nuriia Khasenova, and prominent figures in the current Asian experimental music scene Japanese composer Otomo Yoshihide and Indonesian duo Senyawa will also continue to perform!

This music festival is one of the highlights celebrating the fifth anniversary of the opening of the free space in the West Kowloon Cultural District. There will also be multiple free workshops and musician sharing sessions, leading music fans to explore the vast world of soundscapes, traverse geographical and temporal boundaries, and experience the infinite possibilities of experimental music.

First Experimental Music Festival “Free Space Ear Resonance”
Location: Free Space Small Box
Date: July 24 – August 6, 2024

2. First “Jazz Love” Concert Series
Ambrose Akinmusire Quartet

The highlight of this month is the first “Jazz Love” concert series created by the West Kowloon Cultural District, which will bring together globally renowned jazz musicians and emerging talents to present a series of exciting jazz performances at the Xiqu Centre Grand Theatre. Kicking off the series is the talented American trumpeter Ambrose Akinmusire and his quartet, marking their debut performance in Hong Kong.

After the concert by jazz diva Stacey Kent and her trio at the “West Kowloon Presents: Jazz Festival” in 2023, West Kowloon once again brings a jazz music experience, gathering top jazz musicians from around the world through the “Jazz Love” concert series, presenting a feast of jazz music.

Genius trumpeter Ambrose Akinmusire is recognized as one of the most influential and innovative young musicians today. In 2020, Ambrose was selected as the “Top Trumpeter of the Year” by the international jazz authority magazine “DownBeat”. His music is pure and delicate, with a tone that goes straight to the heart. He has studied under jazz masters such as Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, and Terence Blanchard, and his work combines elements of classical chamber music, blues, and hip-hop, creating a unique and distinctive jazz sound. He has performed at major jazz festivals around the world, including in Berlin, Paris, and Venice.

Ambrose will join forces with his longtime quartet, including pianist Sam Harris, bassist Harish Raghavan, and drummer Justin Brown, to present a selection of their quartet albums “A Rift in Decorum: Live at the Village Vanguard” and “On the Tender Spot of Every Calloused Moment,” as well as their unreleased works. Ambrose’s album “Owl Song,” released last year, even made it to the New York Times’ “Best Jazz Albums of 2023” list and Jazzwise, one of the UK’s top-selling jazz magazines, praised it as “exquisite music.”

How can jazz fans miss it?

First “Jazz Cool Love” Concert Series
Location: Grand Theatre of Xiqu Centre
Date: July 26, 2024 (Friday)
Time: 8:00 PM (Approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes, no intermission)

Three, Free Space Music Beat

Does the West Kowloon Cultural District have “Happy Friday”?

You may not know that every Friday and Saturday night at “留白 Livehouse,” there are several outstanding local music units performing, covering different types of live music such as jazz, rock, indie, classical, and electronic, including: Vinc Chan Quartet (July 5, 2024); Elly and Friends, RAM (July 6, 2024); Tokyo Central Line (July 12, 2024); Post-90’s, milos (July 13, 2024); Midnight ensemble (July 19, 2024); rosemances, Just a Broken Machine (July 20, 2024); Gloria Law Quartet (July 26, 2024); Rumbu, Diane Squart (July 27, 2024), allowing everyone to enjoy and relax during the holidays! Free Space Music Strike Location: 留白 Livehouse Date: Every Friday and Saturday | 8:15 PM

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  • Four, Tea House Theater
    “Cantonese Music and Tea Melodies”

    “In July of this year, ‘Cantonese Music and Tea’ launched a new season of programs, featuring a selection of brand new Cantonese music and traditional Chinese opera, allowing people to enjoy delicious tea and snacks while watching wonderful performances.”

    “Yue Music and Tea Melody” is produced by Chung Chun-chun, with Law Ka-ying serving as artistic planner and director. The performance will last for 90 minutes and will be presented by the young members of the Tea House Rising Stars Theatre. The highlight of this season is the inclusion of Law Ka-ying’s first play in Cantonese opera, featuring “The Love of Baking Clothes” from “The Mandarin Ducks in the Southern Song Dynasty” and “The Love and Hatred of Family and Country” from “The Iron Horse Silver Wedding”. Both plays revolve around love, but with different themes, each with its own profound aspects. In addition, there will be a segment of traditional opera singing, allowing the audience to experience the unique characteristics of traditional opera styles and leading everyone to savor the unique aesthetics of opera.

    Audiences can enjoy exciting performances while savoring fragrant tea and delicate snacks, experiencing the traditional tea house flavor.

    “A 90-minute introductory performance of traditional Chinese opera, including classic Cantonese opera, excerpts, and musical performances taking turns on stage, accompanied by insightful guided explanations; no need for extensive cultural or artistic knowledge, everyone is welcome to come at any time and step into the world of Chinese opera.” – Producer Chung Chun-chun

    “Cantonese Opera Tea Art”
    Location: Tea House Theater, Xiqu Centre
    Date: Starting from July 12, 2024 (Friday)
    Time: Every Friday and Saturday (7:30 pm), Every Saturday and Sunday (2:30 pm)

    Five, Chinese Opera Festival 2024: Fujian Fanghua Yueju Theater

    Founded by the master of Yue opera, **Yin Guifang**, the “Fujian Fanghua Yue Opera Theater” coincides with the 105th birthday of Yin Guifang. Three Chinese Drama Plum Blossom Award winners and leading artists, including Yin Guifang’s fifth-generation direct disciple Wang Jun’an, Wang school heir Li Min, and Zhang school heir Zheng Quan, will bring to life the elegant characters created by Yin Guifang through the inheritance of classic Yue opera repertoire.

    Chinese Opera Festival 2024: Fujian Fanghua Yueju Theater
    Location: Opera Center Grand Theater
    Date: July 12-13, 2024 (Friday to Saturday) | 7:30 PM
    July 14, 2024 (Sunday) | 2:30 PM
    (Approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes, including a 15-minute intermission)

    Six, Ivana Wong’s “Music Concert at the Heart Painting Art Exhibition”

    Immerse yourself in an installation art music concert, starting from the “heart,” sharing its importance and beauty. This unique all-encompassing artistic journey will bring everyone an unforgettable experience – being able to appreciate Ivana Wong and her band’s new works with new arrangements and special sound effects up close, while also listening to a series of fan-favorite non-mainstream works.

    In addition to the immersive performance, you can also enjoy the on-site decoration and appreciate the installation works, marking the perfect end to the whole experience.

    Yoyo Sham “Heart Painting Art Exhibition Concert”
    Location: Free Space Big Box
    Date: July 5-7, 2024 (Friday to Sunday) | 8:15 PM
    July 10-14, 2024 (Wednesday to Sunday) | 8:15 PM
    (Approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes long)

    Seven, ANGELS WITHIN US Charity Concert

    “Angelman Syndrome” is a rare genetic neurological disorder, patients generally experience developmental and intellectual delays, and currently there is no treatment to cure “Angelman Syndrome”. Faced with the unknown disease and treatment, patients and their families often bear immense pressure, greatly in need of public attention and support. Therefore, Forward Entertainment Limited organizes, with Star Entertainment Limited and Cloud Action as co-organizers, the “ANGELS WITHIN US Angelman Syndrome Charity Concert” to increase public awareness of “Angelman Syndrome” and raise funds to improve the quality of life and medical services for patients.

    The concert will be supported by many famous singers, including: Alex Fong, Siu Fay, JW Wong, Alfred Hui, Johnny Yim, Kayee Tam, and Hocc, using their voices to cheer up sick children. All proceeds from the public ticket sales of the concert will be used to support the operation of the Hong Kong Angelman Syndrome Foundation, fully supporting patients with Angelman Syndrome in Hong Kong, as well as donating to F.A.S.T (the world’s largest non-governmental Angelman Syndrome research institution), benefiting children with Angelman Syndrome.

    “ANGELS WITHIN US Charity Concert”
    Location: Drama Center Grand Theatre
    Date: July 7, 2024 (Sunday) | 7:15 PM
    (Approximately 2 hours long, no intermission)

    Eight, Cathay LIVE: Music up close Chen Chien-An Music Sharing Session

    The sixth Cathay LIVE: Music up close, invited singer Chen Jianan to transform his experiences into creative inspiration and share the ups and downs of his life with fans. He also prepared a surprise themed “Love Brain Journey” for everyone!

    Cathay LIVE: Music up close Chen Chien-An Music Sharing Session
    Location: Free Space Big Box
    Date: July 16, 2024 (Tuesday) | 8:00 PM

    Nine, Zhuo Yunzhi’s “The Complete Disasters of Sister Zhi”

    Cherrie Chung’s new solo show “Sister Z Disaster Collection” begins with the story of a middle-aged woman divorcing and running away to Iceland to watch a volcanic eruption. Despite frequent unexpected incidents during the journey, Sister Z overcomes the difficulties! Even with a bad hand, one can still reflect on life.

    Even if “Old flower waist pain, sunburned car; life is low, disaster sister”, guaranteed to have ice and fire, laughter and tears.

    Zhuo Yunzhi “Sister Zhi’s Complete Disaster”
    Location: Grand Theater of the Opera Center
    Date: July 19-20, 2024 (Friday to Saturday) | 8:00 PM
    July 20, 2024 (Saturday) | 3:00 PM
    July 21, 2024 (Sunday) | 3:00 PM and 8:00 PM

    Ten, The Yussef Dayes Experience, Live in Hong Kong

    As the annual international music and multimedia arts festival Clockenflap in Hong Kong, it continues to invite local and global music groups to perform, and this time it has invited the genius jazz drummer/musician Yussef Dayes from London to perform in Hong Kong for the first time!

    Yussef Dayes started learning to play the drums at the age of 4, and began studying under the legendary drummer Billy Cobham at the age of 10. In addition to drumming, he is also skilled in playing various musical instruments, and occasionally takes on the roles of composer and producer. As one of the leading figures in the vibrant London Jazz scene in recent years, Yussef will be performing with a full band during his visit to Hong Kong this time, and many audience members who have seen his live performances have been full of praise.

    Whether you are a fan of Jazz or just a music enthusiast, you definitely cannot miss this concert.

    The Yussef Dayes Experience, Live in Hong Kong
    Location: Free Space Big Box
    Date: July 19, 2024 (Friday) | 8:00 PM

    Eleven, Atsuko Okatsuka – Full Grown Tour

    At the request of the audience, Taiwanese-born, Japanese-raised, and currently based in the United States, stand-up comedian Atsuko Okatsuka has finally returned to Hong Kong to perform the highly acclaimed Full Grown tour at the West Kowloon Cultural District’s Free Space!

    Atsuko Okatsuka, with her iconic coconut head hairstyle, quirky personality, alternative and completely uninhibited style, whether it’s nonsensical humor or sharing her heavy life experiences, has a refreshing childlike innocence and straightforwardness that is truly captivating.

    Atsuko Okatsuka – Full Grown Tour
    Location: Free Space Big Box
    Date: July 20, 2024 (Saturday) | 8:00 PM

    With so many activities, I believe we can bring a little joy to everyone’s life. See you at the West Kowloon Cultural District!

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