【Easter 2024】Multiple shopping malls recommend unique photo spots! Colorful Care Bears/Japanese popular hamster/Strawberry Glass House

During the four-day holiday, of course, you have to seize the opportunity to make an appointment with friends to check in! Many shopping malls have put on exquisite Easter decorations, each with its own theme! We have collected the must-visit check-in spots for you, bookmark them now!


Furry monsters appeared at Kai Tak AIRSIDE, bringing the themed installation exhibition “Interstellar Monster Paradise” by American contemporary artist Ken Kelleher! The AIRSIDE special edition Starhopper and QuantumLeap, two classic bunnies transformed into 5-meter-tall giant inflatable sculptures, landed in the outdoor plaza and sky garden respectively. In addition, the mall atrium also features a variety of cute monsters from “The Fuzz” and “Monstrous Marvels” series, along with interactive projection installations, selfie booths, claw machines, and a limited-time shop to get your hands on quality products! Furthermore, the outdoor plaza also has a special food truck run by the popular burger joint Honbo, offering food inspired by the various characters!

AIRSIDE Interstellar Monster Paradise
Date: Now until May 5th
Time: 10am-10pm
Location: Kai Tak AIRSIDE Ground Plaza, 2nd Floor Atrium, 6th Floor Sky Garden

//K11 Art Mall//

Over 100 Care Bears appeared at K11 Art Mall, bringing the “Dopamine Palette Limited Time Store”! Care Bears use high saturation colorful colors and dopamine color schemes, coupled with cute expressions, to evoke feelings of happiness and joy!

There are 4 major check-in spots in the venue, including a spectacular wall of plush toys made up of many Care Bears, a story corner introducing the personalities of Care Bears, Jumbo Size Birthday Bear, and a dopamine bedroom. You can also experience Korean-style selfies and get your hands on over 80 limited edition Care Bears merchandise in the venue!

kkplus -Care Bears™️ Dopamine Palette Pop-up Store
Date: Now until April 15
Time: 12:00 pm to 9:00 pm (Monday to Thursday); 11:00 am to 10:00 pm (Friday to Sunday, public holidays and eve of public holidays)
Location: G/F Atrium, K11 Art Mall, 18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

//Ma On Shan Plaza//

IG has over 420,000 followers, and the popular Japanese illustrator “Assist Rokuro’s Daily Life” protagonist, Ogura Mouse Rokuro, appeared at Ma On Shan Plaza under the Rich Malls. In the “Assist Rokuro’s Daily Life Sunflower Garden,” there is a nearly 4-meter-high sunflower garden tree house, with a primary school student-style Rokuro carrying a school bag and wearing a small yellow hat in the middle. Next to it, there is a cute mouse playing flower wall shooting games and roller skating.

Zhuoliu’s daily sunflower garden
Date: From now until June 16
Address: Canopy Plaza, Level 2, Ma On Shan Plaza

//Luxury Urban//

Under the Malls brand, the Malls also have small hamsters to help sit in the six seats! Six became the boss of the sunflower seed food truck, suddenly becoming a foodie, stuffing his mouth with food, and vigorously promoting the delicious treats on the truck! The other hamster in the small basket is looking forward to everyone taking a photo with him and the boss of the six, while another six is sitting in the walkway of the tea garden! In addition, Six changed into a duck costume and crossed the pond in the garden!

Assist Liu’s daily fresh Japanese-style garden
Date: Until June 16th
Address: Lobby of The Pavilia Hill, L7

//Yu Xin Square//

The APM x Gaby Teresa collaboration creates the “Egg Forest” theme event, combining recyclable materials with creative designs to transform into an interactive forest of fun and eco-friendly elements! Featuring the suspended “Floating Egg Sky” with over a hundred uniquely designed eggs in various sizes and festive colors floating in the air! Step into the flower forest to see the 15-foot tall “Meteor Light Shadow Tree” made from approximately 100 kilograms of recyclable materials, with LED light strips on the tree twinkling like a meteor shower, perfect for Instagram! Inside the venue, there are giant paper rabbits hopping around, along with nearly 20 giant flower installations, vibrant in color and full of lively atmosphere!

Egg Paper Forest
Date: From now until April 14
Time: 10am-10pm
Location: Cityplaza 1/F Atrium

//Ngong Ping 360//

During the event, some cable cars will be decorated with a “Wishing Rabbit” theme, and a 3.5-meter-tall “Wishing Rabbit” Easter installation will be set up at Ngong Ping Market! In addition, guests who purchase round-trip cable car tickets for children can receive a free “Egg Hunt Set” to search for “eggs” throughout Ngong Ping Market and win exquisite “Wishing Rabbit” gifts. Ngong Ping Market will also hold a hand-painted Easter egg workshop where guests can unleash their creativity and hand-paint eggs!

Easter Egg Hunt Party @ Ngong Ping 360
Date: Now until April 21
Location: Ngong Ping 360

//Harbour City LCX//

The event features a brand new series of card display walls exhibited for the first time in Hong Kong, allowing everyone to have a sneak peek at some cards from the new series’ enhanced expansion pack “Crimson Mist”! There are also Pokémon standees on-site, where you can take photos with the adorable and charming Pikachu, Grookey, Cyndaquil, and Psyduck standees! A limited-time store is set up at the venue, selling various products of the Pokémon Trading Card Game and a variety of Pokémon Center original merchandise. There is also a Pokémon Trading Card Game beginner’s classroom, and after completing the tutorial battle, trainers have the chance to receive one special Pokémon card as a reward!

Pokémon TCG Pop Up Store
Date: Now until April 21
Location: LCX Main Entrance, Level 3, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui
Pop-up Store Operating Hours: Now until April 21, 10am-10pm
Beginner’s Classroom Opening Hours: Saturdays, Sundays, and Public Holidays during the event, 2pm-8pm

//iSQUARE International Plaza//

iSQUARE brings a giant Hong Kong-style food-themed inflatable installation “Hong Kong Flavor Playground”, with three major play areas including “Authentic Food Adventure”, an 11-meter long “Food Street Playground”, and the “Intelligent Pineapple Bun Maze”. The playground features a series of trampoline installations inspired by local snacks, such as a giant version of “Pineapple Bun”, oversized “Hong Kong-style Milk Tea”, and various “enlarged” authentic snacks like a 4-meter tall egg waffle, egg tarts, sunny-side-up eggs, and hot milk tea! Additionally, each area of the playground is filled with different challenging obstacles and levels to test children’s physical strength, balance, and coordination!

“Hong Kong Style” Bouncy Inflatable Fun Park
Date: Now until April 7th
Time: 1pm-7pm
Location: Tsim Sha Tsui iSQUARE

//Zhuoer Square//

The Topfield Plaza in Tuen Mun has specially created a “Dreamy Easter Egg Playground” themed event, transforming the mall atrium into a lush and colorful spring playground. Featuring unique photo spots like the “Giant Easter Egg Flower Basket” and “Easter Egg Wish Tree,” allowing you to instantly immerse yourself in a colorful and dreamy world! On designated days, customers can also enjoy a series of exciting and diverse Easter talent performances. In addition, Topfield Plaza has prepared a series of Easter-themed fun workshops for The Point members, where you can DIY unique handmade creations!

Dreamy Easter Egg Wonderland
Date: Now until April 14th
Location: Joyful Square

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  • //Whampoa Plaza//

    Whampoa Plaza brings the first indoor strawberry glass house in Hong Kong, setting up the “Strawberry Paradise for Strawberry Lovers” in Fashion Walk with 3 interactive check-in spots, including the “Dreamland Gathering Point” where a cute rabbit pops out over 6 meters high, the “Cute Rabbit Strawberry Hill” where you can admire cute rabbits and giant strawberries transformed into sweet strawberry cakes, and the “Strawberry Glass Room” with a colorful glass window, complemented by a romantic wisteria sea, feeling dreamy!

    Strawberry Lover’s Dreamland
    Date: Now until April 1 (Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays)
    Time: 10am-10pm
    Location: Fashion Walk MTR Level

    //Olympic City//

    This Easter, AOMEI City, together with STAYFUN and Kinder Surprise, presents the “STAYFUN x Kinder Surprise Egg Hunt Adventure”, featuring a 3,000 square foot indoor colorful inflatable egg hunting paradise, including a 5-meter high giant slide, a rainbow ball pool with over a thousand Easter eggs hidden inside, allowing children to bounce and have fun to their heart’s content! Participants who successfully find the designated Easter eggs first each day will have the chance to win 88 Kinder Surprise eggs to share holiday happiness with family and friends, with one spot available daily on a first-come, first-served basis.

    STAYFUN x Kinder Fun Egg Hunt Adventure
    Date: Now until April 7
    Time: 10:30am-8:30pm
    Location: APM Millennium City Phase 2 Main Atrium

    //Gold Coast//

    The Gold Coast collaborates with mamasmart to hold the “Eggcellent Easter Carnival” on the large lawn, including 12 Easter-themed game booths, such as the challenging “Rolling Easter Egg” obstacle race. Participants need to roll the egg forward on the grass with a long-handled spoon, then stably cross obstacles to successfully deliver the Easter egg to the finish line within the time limit to win! There are also over 10 games to challenge children’s hand-eye coordination and flexibility, as well as 3 large “children’s play areas” prepared on-site. In addition to making Easter crafts, there are also trampolines, sand pits, and a photo booth area. At the same time, the shopping mall is also hosting an Easter market with nearly 30 handmade booths gathered!

    Eggcellent Easter Carnival
    Date: March 29 to April 1
    Time: 12pm-1:45pm; 2pm-3:45pm; 4pm-5:45pm
    Location: Gold Coast Great Lawn

    //Citywalk Tsuen Wan//

    Citywalk Citywalk creates the “Easter Animal Encounter” project, collaborating with local lifestyle art creator Busymama Benny to create a parent-child interactive theater “Easter Forest Masquerade Ball,” allowing children to learn about animal conservation knowledge. The mall also cooperates with the Hong Kong Beetle Research Association to hold multiple “Strange Animal School” sessions, allowing children to interact with reptiles and insects that they rarely see on weekdays, deepening their understanding of the natural environment and urban biodiversity. In addition, there is the Citywalk x LOCOLOCO Easter Animal Forest Market, selling a variety of boutique and handmade creations themed around small animals. On weekends and during the Easter holidays, various local busking performance groups will take turns performing a series of popular songs.

    Easter Animal Encounter
    Parent-child interactive theater “Easter Forest Masquerade Ball”
    Date: March 30 to April 1
    Time: 1pm-2:30pm; 3pm-4:30pm
    Location: Phase 2 Courtyard, Tsuen Sun Plaza
    Strange Animal School
    Date: March 29 to April 1
    Time: 2pm-3pm; 3pm-4pm
    Location: Phase 1 Garden Plaza, Tsuen Sun Plaza


    PMQ debuts the Toy People Festival “Play Fun Festival” for the first time! Many local and Taiwanese toy designers and collectors will personally attend the four-day “Toy Easy Live” market. The “Toy Friends Collection Exhibition” will showcase classic movies, animations, and limited edition original treasures. There will also be a “Toy Friends Chatting Platform” and “Toy Workshop” to invite designers and collectors to share their experiences in playing with “toys” and to experience the craft of toy making. In addition, the “Toy Class Formula Mini 4WD Creative Design Competition” co-organized by PMQ and Tamiya Hong Kong is about to start. Players and toy designers will create unique “toy” tanks to showcase at the event, and a performance competition will be held on the last day of the event.

    Playday Festival
    Date: March 29th to April 1st
    Time: 12pm-7pm
    Location: PMQ Ground Floor Square

    //New Metropolitan Plaza//

    Kwai Fong New Metropolis Plaza brings the theme event “Milk Tea Popular Science”, turning Hong Kong-style afternoon tea elements into check-in spots, allowing everyone to immerse themselves in the food space under the pen of “Milk Tea Popular Science”! This includes “bouncy” tarts, immersive XLL milk tea, stuffed pineapple buns, and other “delicacies”, as well as “leisurely tea memories card spots” and “water bar office” tea memory check-in spots! In addition, the New Metropolis Plaza also features a “Weekend Tea Market” themed market, with new boutique products from “Milk Tea Popular Science”, as well as various handmade Hong Kong-style crafts made by talented artisans, such as super cute tea restaurant-shaped crochet accessories, hand-painted postcards by a Japanese female illustrator living in Hong Kong, and a variety of online popular dessert snacks, such as Napoleon specialty store Sugar Brothers, and Woody Milk Tea with over 30 years of experience in making Hong Kong-style milk tea! On designated days, there are also hand drip coffee and hand drip Hong Kong-style milk tea workshops, don’t miss out!

    New Town Plaza X “Milk Tea Popular Culture Studies”
    Date: Now until April 28
    Location: Kwai Fong New Town Plaza

    //Tseung Kwan O Plaza//

    Tseung Kwan O Plaza collaborates with SMILEY® company to hold “Tseung Kwan O Plaza x SmileyWorld® Happy Jumping Adventure!”, bringing multiple SmileyWorld® smiley faces to the venue. Check-in spots include large smiley face installations, themed backgrounds, happy mirrors, and the atrium transforms into a giant rabbit chessboard game “SmileyWorld® Happy Challenge”. Participants will transform into little white rabbits, entering the giant SmileyWorld® chessboard to complete missions and receive resurrection eggs. Successfully completing all levels and collecting all resurrection eggs will earn participants exclusive exquisite gifts from SmileyWorld®.

    SmileyWorld® Happy Jumping Level Up!
    Date: Now until April 7
    Time: 11am-8pm
    Location: 1st Floor Atrium, Tseung Kwan O Plaza

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