Christmas Wonderland 2023! Popular Taiwanese Cat Visits Hong Kong/Giant Christmas Tree/Romantic Snow Show

Christmas is coming, so besides enjoying the holidays, it’s time to quickly make plans with friends to take photos! ZTYLEZ has compiled a list of various shopping malls and indoor and outdoor Christmas photo spots for you. There are dazzling festive lights, super-sized eye-catching Christmas trees, and adorable popular cartoon characters. Bookmark it now!


ifc brings “SnowPark” snowy white Christmas this winter, transforming the atrium into a European ski resort with seven snow-themed photo spots! These include an 8.5-meter giant Christmas tree, crystal ball cabins, and other eye-catching installations where you can experience snowfall. There are also other digital interactive installations to play with, such as fishing games.

In addition, multiple music groups will take turns performing live on various days during the month of December, interpreting well-known Christmas songs in different styles. Santa Claus will also make surprise appearances to share the joy of the holiday season.

“SnowPark” Christmas Installation
Date: From now until January 1, 2024
Time: 10:30 AM to 9:00 PM
Location: Ground Floor Atrium of ifc Mall

//Tai Kwun//

The towering 12-meter outdoor Christmas tree stands tall in the Tai Kwun Parade Ground, shining brightly. The Christmas light show, starting at 6 pm every evening, will illuminate the night sky, while the facades of the historic buildings will be adorned with sparkling and enchanting decorations, transforming the entire Tai Kwun into a fairy tale Christmas wonderland.

Christmas Light Show
Date: From now until January 1, 2024
Time: 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM, every half hour
Location: Tai Kwun Parade Ground

//Peak Plaza//

Cat lovers must check in! Taiwan’s popular cat “黃阿瑪” has recently landed at Shanding Plaza, bringing “黃阿瑪’s Enchanted Winter Wonderland”! Emperor “黃阿瑪” and his harem members have transformed into large-scale winter installations. Check-in spots include a five-meter-tall inflatable “阿瑪請安宮殿” (Amah’s Greeting Palace), a “小花冰屋貓窩” (Little Flower Ice House Cat Bed) with a small flower dressed as a polar bear, and a “招弟歷險雪橇” (Adventurous Sled with Little Wooden House).

In addition, The Peak Galleria also launched the “Amah Wong Winter Consumption and ‘Ma’ Reward” promotion. During the promotion period, Hello members of Henglong Mall can receive a limited-time gift of “Amah Wong’s Harem Life” by uploading the electronic receipt with the specified amount of electronic consumption. The gift includes tableware, coin purse, carpet, eco bag, cup, and Gu Gu, which are cute and practical!

Amah’s Enchanted Winter Wonderland
Date: From now until January 31, 2024
Location: The Peak Plaza


The Landmark Atrium transforms into Mount Santa Paws, a skiing wonderland, filled with a white Christmas atmosphere! The highlight is definitely the giant polar bear snow mountain installation, along with over 100 Christmas animal friends and colorful Arctic lights!

With a charity pass, you can enter Santa Paws Ski Chalet and press the hidden button in the ski chalet for a little surprise. Afterwards, you can experience the 5-meter long Snowy Sled Slide and Timmy’s Ski Adventure VR, and feel the immersive skiing fun! There are also attractions such as cable cars, giant snowballs, snowfield hot springs, and a gift shop to explore!

Mount Santa Paws Charity Pass
Date: From now until January 1, 2024
All-in-One Experience Ticket (15 minutes) Price: HK$150/1 person; HK$280/2 people; HK$100 for each additional participant

//Times Square and Wan Chai Star Street//

Pacific Place and Wan Chai Star Street have recently added a series of festive installations, creating a winter forest full of fairy tale colors! Several elves and forest animal characters designed by Korean illustrator Minji Kim are incorporated into the Christmas decorations, combining dreamy watercolor style.

The check-in spots inside Pacific Place include the “Enchanted Forest” filled with giant flowers and glowing mushrooms, with a daily forest light show. The Christmas rhythm accompanies the flashing lights, creating a dreamy atmosphere. There is also a transparent glass greenhouse with a cozy atmosphere inside! Outside the square, there are three illuminated glass cabins filled with festive vibes, while the glass cabin on Wing Fung Street is filled with colorful flowers and elves, perfect for Instagram!

//Central Garden Road//

Don’t miss out on Central Garden Road No. 3 as a great place to visit for Christmas! Between the skyscrapers in Central, there is a giant Christmas tree that is a whopping 10 meters tall. It shines brightly and has a stylish design!

On both sides are adorned with dazzling and charming twinkling starry skies, complemented by the newly decorated staircase of Garden Road No. 3. Here, you can take IG-able Christmas photos!

Garden Road No. 3 Christmas Tree Stair Decoration
Date: From now until December 31
Location: 3 Garden Road, Central


This Christmas, while checking in, why not appreciate unique craftsmanship designs? Organized by the Czech Consulate General in Hong Kong and co-organized by PMQ, CzechXmas at PMQ brings Czech glass craftsmanship designer Linda Procházka to curate the “Hang it On” exhibition, showcasing over 20 Czech glass craftsmanship units, including the national treasure glass brand Rautis, various family workshops, and Christmas decorations by contemporary glass designers. These decorations will adorn multiple Christmas trees inside PMQ, creating a festive atmosphere!

There are also various activities available at the same venue, such as guided tours and workshops, where you can learn about Czech glass traditions and history, and make your own Christmas glass decorations. You can also visit the Christmas Cocktail Market held in the courtyard of PMQ, where there are booths and hotspots including cocktail workshops, coffee therapy workshops, Spanish snacks, Christmas snack booths, inflatable castles, and a 3-meter tall inflatable snowman. It’s a one-stop destination for fulfilling your desires to eat, play, and shop!

CzechXmas at PMQ
Date: Now until January 1, 2024
Time: 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Location: Room 507, 5th floor, and rooftop garden on the 4th floor of PMQ

The Christmas Cocktail Market
Date: December 23rd to 25th
Event Time: 3:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Event Location: PMQ Courtyard & Marketplace

//Central Waterfront Pedestrian Bridge//

During the festive season, Henderson Land Development has set up a limited edition decoration called “Henderson Green Christmas” on the Central Waterfront Pedestrian Bridge. The design is centered around over a hundred sparkling Christmas balls and the symbol of hope, the “Eternal Wheel,” forming six unique and imaginative Christmas trees. The installation also incorporates elements of optical illusion art, presenting multiple layers of fun.

“Hang Kee Green Festival” Installation
Date: From now until January 12, 2024
Location: Central Waterfront Pedestrian Bridge

//Taikoo Shing//

The Taikoo Cityplaza and Disneyland have joined hands to bring the “GROW with LOVE” Christmas theme event, transforming the second-floor atrium and bridge into a large-scale installation with a Christmas green garden theme, inviting everyone to plant plants with love. You can gather under the 9.5-meter-high Mickey Christmas cottage and interact with Disney friends in the four major planting element areas. Groot will also come to life in 3D!

As long as you collect planting elements in the interactive area, you can cultivate a plant from scratch. Disney friends will be waiting for everyone in the underground and other different “GROW with LOVE” small installations on the first floor! In addition, the “GROW with LOVE Limited Time Store” in the venue brings more than 300 exquisite Disney products, including various limited edition items during the event.

Date: Now until January 1, 2024
Time: (Monday to Friday) 12:00 PM to 9:00 PM; (Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays) 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Location: Level 2 Atrium and Central Bridge, Taikoo Cityplaza

//Wan Chai Lee Tung Street//

Wan Chai’s Lee Tung Street has once again collaborated with local multimedia artist Victor Wong to bring “The Wishing Stars” Christmas art installation. Using over a million colorful gemstones, they have created a 200-meter-long wishing corridor, with a 5-meter “giant wishing star” suspended in the atrium. At night, there will be rainbow-colored lighting effects, creating a dazzling and sparkling display!

In addition to the eye-catching star decorations, there will be a Let It Snow! snowfall performance in the Lido Street courtyard every evening from now until January 1, 2024, during designated times. Snowflakes will fill the sky, creating a romantic atmosphere! Additionally, from December 23 to 26, there will be multiple “Wishing Star” handicraft workshops where everyone can make their own “Wishing Star” using traditional bamboo weaving, origami, and string art.

The Wishing Stars
Date: Now until January 14, 2024
Time: 10am-11pm (lights up at 5pm daily)
*From December 23 to 26, and December 30 to January 1, the lights will be extended until 12am.

//Times Square//

Causeway Bay Times Square brings you the “Christmas Elfventure” Christmas project, inviting Japanese artist Koji Ogawa to design the first appearance of “Lumi” based on Finnish Christmas elves. The design is cute and playful, and it brings its Christmas dream factory to the outdoor plaza!

At the entrance of the Christmas Dream Factory, there is a “Elf ID Registration Office” where you can take a photo for your work ID and obtain an electronic work ID to start your wonderful journey in the Christmas Dream Factory! Each electronic work ID comes with a unique QR code. Just follow the instructions and complete all the tasks to receive rewards! On the second floor of the mall, there is a Christmas Elfventure photo booth where you can create Lumi Christmas WhatsApp Stickers to send holiday greetings to your family and friends!

Christmas Elfventure
Date: Now until January 1, 2024
Time: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Location: Times Square Open Plaza and 2nd Floor Atrium in Causeway Bay

//Fashion Walk//

Causeway Bay’s Paterson Street, Food Street, and Fashion Walk shopping mall atrium will be transformed into a dreamy Neo World, with 7 major photo spots showcasing 5 large-scale Neo pets that are making their debut in Asia. Visitors can unleash their unlimited creativity in the painting area and create their own exclusive Neo pet.

During the event, there will be a limited-time boutique selling limited edition products, including the 25th anniversary special edition NeoHoods pet hats and Neo pet fashion phone stands. Throughout the event, Neo pets will be giving out themed balloons every weekend, and attendees can also write holiday greetings on the 25th anniversary limited edition postcards and drop them into the mailbox.

Fashion Walk X Neo Pets 25th Anniversary Dream Journey
From now until January 1, 2024
Location: Causeway Bay Paterson Street, Food Street, and Fashion Walk Mall Atrium

//Ngong Ping//

Ngong Ping 360 collaborates with Polaroid to give one of its cable cars a new look, full of vibrant colors! There are also a series of photo spots, including a 7-meter-tall Christmas tree with Polaroid rainbow colors, classic scenes like karaoke and roller skating, all filled with Y2K retro style!

In addition to checking in, you can also visit the Ngong Ping Market, which has a special Polaroid camera exhibition where you can appreciate different models of instant cameras! Don’t miss out on the three major Christmas booth games, where you can participate in one booth game with a game coupon and have a chance to win exquisite Christmas gifts. If you purchase a round-trip cable car ticket for children on the same day, you will receive one game coupon as a gift. If you purchase a 360 Annual Pass, you will receive two game coupons as a gift!

Ngong Ping 360 x Polaroid Winter Colorful Christmas
Date: From now until January 1, 2024
Location: Ngong Ping Market

//East Point City Famous Store Warehouse//

Belgium’s classic comic “The Smurfs” celebrates its 65th anniversary and brings the “Smurfs Up Christmas” Christmas-themed event to the popular mall in Tsim Sha Tsui. The mall will be transformed into a Smurfs Christmas village, and mischievous Smurfs will also make appearances in their Christmas looks!

The 6 main areas include the world’s first exhibition of a 4-meter-tall giant “Blue Aurora Elf,” full of a futuristic feel, and the equally eye-catching 8-meter-tall “Light and Dynamic Christmas Tree,” which has a light show every night! Step into the isolated blue mushroom hut with a round arch roof, where an infinite extension of mirrored space is created by lighting and shadows, allowing for an immersive photo opportunity. CLUB CG members can also play interactive games inside the red mushroom hut!

Smurfs Up Christmas
Location: Atrium Plaza, 2nd floor, East Point City MegaBox, Ground floor and 2nd floor Sky Bridge
Date: From now until January 2, 2024
Time: 10am–10pm


ELEMENTS brings festive decorations this Christmas, a must-visit spot! Step into Santa Claus’s carefully designed magical box and you will discover a hidden world inside, full of surprises. The Christmas-themed installations will perform a magical theater show every hour, with Santa Claus and Christmas elves appearing in projection form, vividly telling Christmas stories!

On either side of the magical box are glistening snowflakes and a stunning 8-meter-tall Christmas tree, exuding a strong festive atmosphere. With the flickering effects created by the lights, it captures the most touching moments for you to capture! In addition, from 12 noon to 9 pm daily, there will be a magical theater performance every hour, accompanied by joyful Christmas music. Santa Claus and his elves will also make appearances one by one!

Merry Dreamscape: The gifting magic
Location: ELEMENTS Gold Zone
Date: From now until January 1, 2024
Time: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM

//Tsim Sha Tsui//

“The ‘Shining Tsim Sha Tsui: A Festive Beacon’ event is now in its 41st year. The exterior walls of many buildings in the area and along the waterfront are adorned with Christmas lights, creating a festive atmosphere! This year’s highlight is the digital light and shadow artwork ‘In-Between the Sky: A Festive Beacon’ by British visual light artist Rupert Newman, exhibited at Tsim Sha Tsui Centre and Empire Centre. It creates a kaleidoscope-like dreamy image, and the Mong Kok area will also feature Rupert’s work, transforming dynamic visual art into traditional light installations, accompanied by music effects.”

In addition, there are also the Millennium New World Hong Kong Hotel, which is adorned with sparkling “pearls” made of eco-friendly light bulbs, and the exterior wall of the South Seas Centre with the words “Merry X’mas” hanging on it. Outside the Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel, there are several giant inflatable Santa Clauses, while the Regal Kowloon Hotel, the Harbour Plaza Metropolis, and the Empire Hotel have also put on festive decorations, which are very IG-able!

Date: From now until January 1, 2024


If you like Peter Pan Astro Boy, you must check in! LCX and American toy brand ToyQube have created a “Ski Station” themed around Peter Pan Astro Boy, with Astro Boy appearing in a skiing look!

The check-in area includes the equipment room with the iconic red giant boots featuring Atom Boy’s logo, a snowman-shaped Atom Boy, and the opportunity to take photos at the photo booth of the mountain cable car. You can also admire a variety of Atom Boy-designed items and collectibles at the street-style skateboard park. In addition, the event is selling a range of new products from ToyQube featuring Little Flying Man Atom Boy. Fans who want to get their hands on them should remember to visit LCX Xplus!

LCX x ToyQube “Astro Boy Ski Station”
Date: November 17th to January 1st, 2024
Location: LCX, Level 3, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui
Opening Hours: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Pop-up Store: LCX Xplus
Business Hours: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM

//Harbour City//

The annual Christmas decorations at Harbour City are always highly anticipated, and this year there is a “Teddy Bear Rocket Launch Station” landing at the open-air plaza of Ocean Terminal! The design of the launch station is heavily influenced by digital style, with a futuristic neon glow effect. Among them is a striking 10-meter tall “Christmas Tree Rocket”!

In addition, there are over 30 cute bear astronauts, Christmas tree robots, and alien friends scattered throughout the station. There are photo spots in both the mall-connected building and the outdoor area!

Merry Spacemas Space Bear Encounter
Date: November 17th to January 1st, 2024
Location: Ocean Terminal Outdoor Plaza, Harbour City

//Mira Place//

Mira Place’s “Find Your Santa Zo-mate” Christmas installation combines zodiac and aurora elements in a crossover fashion. Every hour, there will be four different AI Christmas zodiac aurora music performances in the atrium of the mall. 200 AI sparkling “stars” will descend every 15 minutes, moving up and down with the Christmas music and presenting different dynamic effects, combining to form auroras, three zodiac patterns, and other starry or Christmas patterns!

The atrium floor features a 7-meter-high glass house with a sleigh, and the entire scene in the mall lobby and atrium is adorned with Santa Zo-mate representing the 12 zodiac signs. In addition to the indoor displays, the oversized Santa Zo-mate also parachutes onto the pedestrian bridge at Mira Place, while the Mira Steps next to the North Buddha Terrace transform into a dazzling aurora Christmas staircase, with lights on after 5pm to create a festive atmosphere!

“Find Your Santa Zo-mate” Christmas Installation
Date: From now until January 1, 2024
Time: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM (Outdoor decorations open until 12:00 AM)
Location: Mira Place Courtyard, Lobby, Pedestrian Bridge, and Mira Steps


AIRSIDE brings “Christmas Winter Departure” and launches a series of special activities that combine winter Christmas, marine ecology, and digital art, allowing everyone to experience the unique atmosphere of winter festivities in the bustling city. Highlights include the world’s first digital art aquarium “BLUTOPIA”, which combines digital art with an international perspective to showcase the beauty of the ocean, embarking on a multi-sensory art journey and experiencing the resonance between art and marine ecological messages.

In addition, there is also a 5-meter-tall environmentally friendly art installation called “Snowflake Rhapsody” made from over 2,300 recycled plastic pieces. It combines a magnificent appearance with digital interactive deep-sea experiences to convey a beautiful and environmentally friendly message during Christmas. A 6-meter-tall giant Christmas tree will be placed in the underground open square, adorned with Christmas decorations and star ornaments, sparkling and dazzling!

“Christmas Winter Voyage” Digital Art Aquarium “BLUTOPIA”
Date: Now until January 19, 2024
Time: 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Location: Ocean Art Museum Art – AIRSIDE GATE33 Art Gallery; Ocean Art Museum Education – AIRSIDE Shop 216
“Christmas Winter Voyage” Snowflake Art Installation “Snowflake Rhapsody”
Date: Now until January 1, 2024
Time: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Location: AIRSIDE 2nd Floor Atrium
“Christmas Winter Voyage” Outdoor 6-meter Tall Christmas Tree
Date: Now until January 1, 2024
Location: AIRSIDE Open Plaza

//Langham Place//

Care Bears make an appearance at Langham Place, bringing a colorful Christmas station to the 4th floor atrium! In the center of the atrium, there is a 2-meter giant Grumpy Bear and a 5-meter tall heart-shaped Christmas tree, as well as multiple photo spots filled with Y2K-style colors!

In addition, there is a limited-time store inside the venue where you can get over 100 limited edition items. Don’t forget to take a photo and check-in with the inflatable pink Cheer Bear on the 8th floor!

Christmas Train and Station Square Installation
Date: Now until January 1, 2024
Time: 11am-11pm
Limited-time boutique
Date: Now until January 1, 2024
Time: 11am-10pm
Location: Langham Place

//Mong Kok THE FOREST//

This Christmas, there will be a cute LuLu pig photo spot! A 4-meter-tall giant LuLu pig dressed as a British Teddy Bear will appear in Mong Kok’s THE FOREST, with a furry and adorable appearance! There is also a LuLu pig themed limited-time store next to it, where you can get a variety of exclusive limited-edition merchandise, including glass cups, cloth bags, carpets, embroidered pillows, etc., as well as the first appearance of two limited-edition THE FOREST 25cm Teddy LuLu (mint green) and 14cm Teddy LuLu (white)!

On the 1st floor atrium of the shopping mall, there is a LuLu pig-themed Christmas tree, adorned with Teddy LuLu and decorative balls. Next to it, there are three 80cm Teddy LuLu plush toys sitting on gift boxes! And on the stairs leading to the 1st floor atrium, there are Teddy LuLu in various costumes, as well as the classic lunch meat LuLu pig. While taking photos, you can also visit the Snapio selfie booth with a canned pig LuLu theme!

Date: From now until January 4, 2024
Location: Mong Kok, THE FOREST


Local illustrator and inventor “Tony Electric” collaborates with T.O.P This is Our Place to bring you “T.O.P x Tony Electric • Christmas Pregnant Animal Twins Migration”! T.O.P transforms into a large “baby nursery”, with funny animal babies scattered throughout the venue, creating four major photo spots and the “FINDING TONY” game!

Among the highlights are the 3-meter-tall giant pregnant snowman spreading the winter atmosphere on the streets of Mong Kok, the 15 times enlarged version of the pregnant Christmas deer driving a pregnant Christmas deer car, and the “Baby Kingdom” where you can get up close and personal with pairs of animal “dragon and phoenix twins” BB!

T.O.P x Tony Electric • Christmas Pregnant Animal Big TWINS Relocation
Date: From now until January 14, 2024
Address: 700 Nathan Road, Mong Kok, T.O.P This is Our Place


MOKO collaborates with Hong Kong street knitting art group “La Belle Époque” to create the “Merry X’mas! Knit Our Town” giant photo spot decoration. Founders Billie and Mary, for the first time ever, weave the largest and most colorful art piece using a total of 400 balls of yarn. All the Christmas trees and lamp posts, big and small, are hand-knitted with patterns, weaving warm blessings for every visitor.

“MOKO GARDEN @L3” outdoor relaxation space is adorned with over 5,000 vibrant Christmas flowers and sparkling LED lights, creating a magnificent sea of red flowers. Whether day or night, it has its own unique charm, making it a festive hotspot for couples to create joyful Christmas memories.

Merry X’mas! Knit Our Town Christmas Decoration
Date: From now until January 1, 2024
Time: 10am – 10pm
Location: MOKO MTR Atrium
“MOKO GARDEN @L3” Romantic Starlight Flower Sea
Date: From now until January 1, 2024
Time: 10am – 10pm
Location: MOKO L3 Floor

//Discovery Bay//

The different corners of Discovery Bay are adorned with Italian-themed Christmas decorations, creating multiple unique photo spots. With the addition of snow and lighting effects, it creates a joyful Christmas atmosphere! The North Clock Tower of Discovery Bay has transformed into a 13-meter-high Italian-style church, taking inspiration from the famous Milan Cathedral in its design. It features 10 pointed pillars and detailed stained glass imitating the church, along with four sets of three-meter-high angel light installations, creating an exotic ambiance.

The central square is adorned with a six-meter-tall giant Christmas tree, made up of 12 layers of forged metal in the shape of ribbons. The bottom is shaped like a Venetian gondola, with a length of up to eight meters, creating a rich and stunning visual effect. The buildings on both sides of the square and the long corridor of love locks are decorated with over a thousand LED bulbs, which create a romantic atmosphere when lit up at night. In addition, the projected snowflake light patterns on the ground provide a dreamy photo opportunity!

“Christmas European Village” Decoration
Date: From now until January 1, 2024
Time: Open all day
Location: Discovery Bay Plaza, North Plaza, and D’Deck

//Tsuen Wan Plaza//

The Taiwan-famous “Orange Cat” has landed at Tsuen Wan Plaza PLAY GARDEN! The 3-meter-tall giant “Orange Cat” three-dimensional installation is quite eye-catching, and “Chong Chong” has a big belly and a world-weary face!

There is also a “Meow Star Check-in Wall” 20 meters away, a Christmas tree house with yarn design, a magical color tunnel and other check-in spots, as well as the opportunity to experience digital interactive games!

Date: From now until January 1, 2024
Time: 10:30am-10pm
Location: Tsuen Wan Plaza L5 PLAY GARDEN Sky Garden

//Tsuen Wan Nina Mall//

A dreamy pink Christmas photo spot! Tsuen Wan Citywalk and popular Spanish handmade candy brand PAPABUBBLE have collaborated to bring the “Christmas Candy Wonderland” themed event, featuring a must-visit outdoor 7-meter high pink Christmas tree adorned with handmade candies, along with a snowfall light show, creating a festive atmosphere!

Inside the mall, there is a 4.5-meter-high candy house, decorated with colorful handmade candies. Looking up, you can see a rainbow propeller airship spinning to the sound of music, and there is a sweet candy scent in the air! Nearby, there is also a limited-time PAPABUBBLEE store, where you can choose from a variety of themed handmade candies. If you spend a specified amount at the store, you can exchange it for an exclusive candy jar and fill it with handmade candies from the giant candy machine to take home!

Christmas Candy Wonderland
Date: From now until January 7, 2024
Time: 10am to 10pm
Location: Outdoor Plaza of Phase 1, Tsuen Wan Nina Mall, 1/F Atrium, and Shop 119, 1/F of Phase 2 (Next to Marka House)


D‧PARK in Tsuen Wan, a popular indoor family activity hotspot with a focus on children’s sports, has transformed into the “Monchhichi Winter Sweet Christmas Park”. It features a giant Monchhichi Christmas doll, an inflatable castle trampoline, and a playground with two 6-meter high, 4-meter long slides, as well as a nearly 400-foot giant ball pit. Both kids and adults can have a blast here!

There are also 5 carnival game booths in the park, including the classic rainbow throwing game “Rainbow Flying Ring”, the archery game “Bullseye”, the “Happy Snowball” game that emphasizes throwing accuracy, and the indoor interactive skateboard game “Thunder Skateboard”. Winners can even win limited edition Monchhichi pillows, balloons, shakers, and sticky notes as Christmas gifts. There is also a boutique limited-time store to browse, satisfying all your desires for checking in, having fun, and shopping at once!

Monchhichi Winter Sweet Christmas Wonderland
Date: From now until January 3, 2024
Time: (Weekdays) 12:00 PM to 7:00 PM; (Weekends and public holidays) 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Location: Tsuen Wan D‧PARK L1 Atrium

//Nan Fung Textile Factory//

Tsuen Wan South Factory continues to uphold the theme of environmental protection this year, bringing a dazzling giant festival decoration! Local designers Orange Terry and DiDi Ng took fireworks as inspiration, with the theme “Weaving the Future”, and cleverly used the existing materials of the popular spot “Tracing Weaving Painting” in the factory to upgrade and recreate them into suspended Christmas decorations. The colors are brilliant, adding a touch of festivity while also emphasizing environmental protection, symbolizing the bright future of local arts and culture!

Giant Eco-friendly Christmas Decorations
Date: From now until January 6, 2024
Location: Nan Fung Textile Factory, Tsuen Wan

//Kwun Tong City Centre//

Kwun Tong City Center YM² Yumin Square and Freedom Space bring 7 major polar bear photo spots and multiple indoor and outdoor entertainment areas. One of the main attractions is a 5-meter-tall inflatable version of a giant polar bear, and during the event, Freedom Space will present a super beautiful aurora show at night, making people feel like they are in a snowy polar region.

In addition, YM² has created a giant bear-themed house with a 5-meter tall rotating Christmas tree and a giant gift box made from over 10,000 soda cans, encouraging everyone to reduce waste and celebrate a green Christmas!

Winter Bears in Town @ Kwun Tong.7 Bears in Town
Date: Now until January 1, 2024
Location: YM² Yau Man Square and Free Space in Kwun Tong City Center

//Donggang City//

IKEA brings “Christmas Town” to Tung Kong City, featuring a 5-meter-tall giant FABLER teddy bear for photo opportunities, a creative IKEA wooden box Christmas tree installation, and exclusive IKEA Christmas postcards and mailing services for shoppers to print Christmas-themed designs and write holiday greetings!

IKEA Christmas Village also has a food station, exclusively offering garlic roasted popcorn, cinnamon rolls with apple and pine nut cinnamon sauce, and bear-shaped buns. There are also various Christmas decorations and home goods available for purchase. Additionally, with a single purchase of HK$150 at IKEA Christmas Village, you can receive one EFTERTRÄDA heart-shaped keychain.

IKEA Christmas Town
Date: From now until January 1, 2024
Time: (Weekdays) 12pm-8pm; (Weekends and public holidays) 11am-8pm
Address: 1/F Atrium, East Point City, 8 Chung Wah Road, Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong

//Whampoa Plaza//

A group of interesting and healing characters such as Mr. Strong, Mr. Tall, Little Miss Hug, and Little Miss Sunshine gather at WhampoaLand, setting up a dazzling lantern scene for photo-taking. Among them is the dreamy and joyful “Mr. Men Little Miss – Winter WhampoaLand,” where various Mr. Men Little Miss characters make an appearance in the European-style Christmas carnival at the stern of the ship. The colorful Christmas tree is adorned with sparkling lights, and the 2-meter-tall bright yellow Mr. Happy inflatable device is particularly eye-catching.

Ju Bao Fang also has a fun-filled “Mr. Men Little Miss – POP-UP Music Book”, and Mr. Tickle, Little Miss Hug, and other characters are all featured on the cover of the “Mr. Men Little Miss – Winter Whampoaland” picture book for everyone to check-in!

Mr. Men Little Miss – Winter WhampoaLand
Date: From now until January 1, 2024
Time: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Location: Whampoa (Outdoor area at the stern of the ship), Jubao Square (Entrance on Dean Street)


YOHO MALL brings a nearly 2,500 square feet immersive themed installation called “Starry Night”. It features multiple starry scenes, including the Gothic-style arched “Starry Wish Luminous Tunnel”, a 6.6-meter high dazzling “Christmas Tree of Stardust”, an interactive installation called “Star Temple” created with projections of the cosmic starry sky, the “Twelve Star Imprints” representing different constellations, and the “Forest of Starry Rain” created with over 10,000 small light bulbs and several textured Christmas trees!

There is also an interactive check-in device called “Chenxing’s Trail”, where you can interact with the galaxy’s light and shadow, and have a romantic check-in!

“Star. Language Night”
Date: From now until January 1, 2024
Location: YOHO MALL I Atrium and YOHO MALL II Atrium

//MOSTown New Port City Center//

Must-visit for Moomin fans! “The MOST Wintry Wonderland Moomin Snow Country Adventure” is now at MOSTown, Ma On Shan. In addition to the Nordic winter atmosphere, you can also find popular characters such as Moomin, Gnome, Snorkmaiden, and Little My! The photo spots inside include a 3.5-meter-tall inflatable Moomin, with shimmering crystal balls around it, hiding the silhouettes of Moomin’s friends! The “Nordic Romantic Wooden Bridge” is surrounded by a pink flower sea, and the 1.4-meter-tall Gnome makes its first appearance in a 3D classic flute-playing style. The 5-meter-tall blue pointed “Winter Moomin House” recreates the classic scenes from the Moomin story.

There is also a red rose garden created by the local environmental art team DREAMCUBICS using recycled plastic bottle materials and 3D printing technology, which is both exquisite and environmentally friendly! If you want to learn about the prototype world of the Finnish forest and Moomin Valley, you can also enjoy the hand-drawn comic manuscripts by the author Tove Jansson in the “Moomin Hand-drawn Collection Cabinet”, play interactive games, and get Moomin-themed products at the limited-time store!

The MOST Wintry Wonderland 姆明雪國奇緣
Date: From now until January 1, 2024
Time: Check-in area and the official exhibition area of the Muming tribe’s comic manuscript collection (10am-10pm); Winter play area (12pm-8pm)
Location: MOSTown Newport Centre L2 Sky Plaza

//Shatin New Town Plaza//

British surrealist illustrator Edward Monaghan, for the first time ever, serves as the design director for the Christmas installation at New Town Plaza. He brings forth a brand new character called the “Water Droplet Fairy,” symbolizing the source of life and hope, to create the “Dreamy Christmas Town of Water Droplet Fairies.” This surreal style merges with a dreamy and aesthetic atmosphere, featuring 9 eye-catching photo spots, including the 7th-floor Starlight Garden illuminated by over ten thousand dazzling lights, a 5-meter-tall Christmas tree adorned with shimmering decorations made by the Water Droplet Fairies, and a 7-meter-wide outdoor interactive light and shadow Water Droplet Fairy wishing booth.

On the other hand, HomeSquare and the trendy home goods store at home, which specializes in Nordic-style furniture, have joined forces to hold a Christmas Elf Town, transforming the mall into a Nordic Christmas elf forest. With sparkling decorations and lightweight Nordic furniture, it feels like stepping into a Nordic town for Christmas, creating a unique atmosphere.

Water Drop Elf Dream Christmas Town
Date: From now until January 1, 2024
Time: 12:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Location: New City Plaza Phase 1, 3rd floor atrium, 7th floor Starlight Garden, 3rd floor outdoor platform
HomeSquare x at home Elf Christmas Town
Date: From now until January 2, 2024
Time: 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Location: HomeSquare 1st floor atrium

//Good Luck Center//

The Good Luck Center brings the “LUCKY Special Christmas Tree”, with a design that uses colors and has a sense of style. Instead of stars, it features a crown from the game king at the top of the Christmas tree, making it the first Christmas tree in the Sha Tin district to have a sparkling light show. The words “Happy Go Lucky” on the Christmas tree perform a 10-minute light show every hour. When you look up, you can also feel the romantic snowy scenery of the European forest with the giant canopy at the Good Luck Center.

From December 23rd to 26th, Good Luck Center will hold the “Christmas LUCKY Market”, inviting over 20 local food and boutique vendors for you to choose from and purchase Christmas gifts. There will also be magicians, clowns, and busking performances to further enhance the holiday atmosphere!

HAPPY GO LUCKY! “Christmas LUCKY Carnival”
Date: From now until January 14, 2024
Time: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Location: Good Luck Center L3 Atrium

//Ma On Shan Plaza//

Sanrio’s popular cartoon character Cinnamoroll has put on a new look in royal gentleman attire. It has brought a winter photo spot to the Ma On Shan Plaza under the Plazas Wing of Sun Hung Kai Malls! Must-see attractions include the crowned Cinnamoroll king, a 5-meter tall Christmas castle, a pink carriage, a dreamy fountain with starry skies instead of water, and a sparkling Christmas tree. It feels magical and there are also “Rainbow Fun” and “Catch the BLING Ball” mini games!

In addition, two limited edition gifts, “Cinnamoroll Sweetheart Warm Cup” and “Cinnamoroll Warm Hat Cozy Blanket,” will be launched for this event. Fortune+ members can bring these exquisite items home with a specified amount of purchase at the venue. Limited quantity, first come first served!

BLING Snow Dream Christmas Castle
Date: From now until January 1, 2024
Location: Ma On Shan Plaza L2 Sky Plaza

//Kwai Fong New Metropolis Plaza//

Kwai Fong New Town Plaza brings you the “Enchanted Winter Wonderland” this Christmas, filled with an American Christmas atmosphere! Among them are 4 major winter festival activities, including an outdoor ice skating rink with snowfall effects, and basic equipment is provided for adults and children to borrow!

Inside the venue, there is a 7-meter-tall giant Christmas tree adorned with colorful lights. On either side of the Christmas tree, there are flower-filled corridors, while inside the “Bling Snow Globe,” the classic European and American Christmas decorations are recreated. On the other side, there is a 3-meter-tall “Fantasy Crystal Ball” installation, with a silver circular arch and 3 sparkling crystal balls. There are also interactive sensing devices on the ground that can project Christmas-themed patterns!

“Dreamy Winter Wonderland”
Date: From now until January 1, 2024
Location: New Metropolis Square

//Diamond Hill Hollywood Plaza//

My Little Pony, beloved by many children, celebrates its 40th anniversary with a themed photo spot at Diamond Hill Hollywood Plaza. This includes a 6-meter-tall sparkling dreamy Christmas castle, a rainbow arch, a 5-meter-tall romantic starry sky, and popular characters like Windy, Moonstone, and Twilight Sparkle!

In addition, there is also the first “My Little Pony Winter Roller Skating Rink” in Hong Kong, where you can enjoy roller skating fun under magical lights. You can also experience the interactive game “Journey to Find My Little Pony” and there are multiple check-in points in the mall. By checking in with different pony characters and making a donation, you have a chance to receive a “My Little Pony A5 Folder”.

My Little Pony 40th Anniversary Christmas Party
Date: Now until January 1, 2024
Time: 10am-10pm
Location: Star Plaza, 1st floor, Hollywood Plaza, Diamond Hill
“My Little Pony Winter Roller Skating” trial area
Date: Now until January 1, 2024 (excluding dates and times for winter roller skating classes)
Time: 12pm-8pm

//Lei Fu Square//

The popular and funny sticker character “Milk Dragon” will make an appearance at Lok Fu Plaza this Christmas. The photo spots include a 4-meter-tall inflatable Milk Dragon that looks mischievous, as well as a giant 22-meter-long and 6-meter-high Milk Dragon “Bounce Paradise”!

Everyone can challenge the “Milk Dragon Claw Machine” and win a series of Milk Dragon merchandise! In addition, the event also brings boutique consumption exchange activities and limited pop-up stores. You, who are looking for a good place for families, can bookmark it!

Milk Dragon x Lok Fu Plaza “Foodie Adventure”
Date: November 22 to January 20, 2024
Time: 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Location: Outdoor Recreation Area in Zone B and Food Court in Zone A of Lok Fu Plaza

//MCP New City Center//

MCP collaborates with watch and craft brand Hönes Uhren GmbH to bring “The Christmas Cuckoo at MCP” to MCP CENTRAL, combining the heritage of Black Forest craftsmanship, the Christmas atmosphere of Europe, and a diverse sensory experience. It offers art check-in scenes and interactive projection games, and every hour and 30 minutes, there is a “Snowy Christmas Light and Music Show” that is full of festive joy.

“The Christmas Cuckoo German Christmas Market,” designed based on the German Christmas market, has also landed on MCP DISCOVERY. Over 20 local creative brands take turns to appear, including popular handmade island crafts that focus on woodcarving, Mushroom House that offers creative crafts, miSSa handmade headwear that is a must-have for literary youth, as well as handmade wines, seasonal food, pet clothing, and snacks. In addition, there is a check-in spot with nearly 3 meters high European Christmas cottages inside the market, creating a festive atmosphere with an exotic touch.

“The Christmas Cuckoo at MCP” Large Christmas installation and Cuckoo Clock Collection Exhibition
Date: From now until January 1, 2024
Time: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Location: MCP CENTRAL (New Capital City Center Phase 2) L1 Sky Plaza
The Christmas Cuckoo German Christmas Town Market
Date: From now until January 1, 2024
Time: 12:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Location: MCP DISCOVERY (New Capital City Center Phase 3) L1 Sky Plaza

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