April 18, 2023

kayan9896 吳家忻× Kenji Fan 范麒智 / I am just another Dot in the world

A new era is emerging as generations shift. Whether in the music industry or the film world, talent has been emerging during the silent three years that the world has been in. The “lack of successors” that we used to hear about a few years ago has now turned into a flourishing scene, creating a long-awaited lively atmosphere. Welcome to the new era.

Among the highly visible new generation creators, most are difficult to define with a single identity, like kayan9896 (Wu Jiaxin), who is a YouTuber, model, actor, and singer, as well as Kenji (Fan Qizhi), who transitioned from being a water polo player to a model and actor. Both are referred to as “new generation fashion darlings” by the media, and their joint appearance is truly refreshing. While they always effortlessly strike a professional pose in front of the camera, they are actually lively and humorous ordinary young people in private, sharing a dream that belongs to creators.

On kayan: 白色图案短款毛衣,白色图案裙子,袜子和运动鞋,全部来自路易威登。 On Kenji: 图案冻结夹克,图案口袋裤子,圆点帽子和运动鞋,全部来自路易威登 x 草间弥生。


Watching the interaction between Kayan and Kenji is interesting, from exchanging witty banter to being amused by each other’s humor, or Kayan’s clever remark that their names combined spell “Kanji”. This interview maintains a lively and playful rhythm from beginning to end. When asked about their first impressions of each other, Kayan was the first to respond: “I saw this person online and thought, ‘Wow, he’s handsome.’ I also thought he had great fashion sense, but then I realized he was so young, like a fresh piece of meat (laughs).” She mentioned that they didn’t have much interaction initially, only occasionally crossing paths at events or shooting locations, until one day after work when they sat together at a hot pot dinner and officially got to know each other. “That day, we sat across from each other, and I remember she was a… very loud person (laughs). She’s energetic and knows how to liven up the atmosphere.” Kayan also jokingly mentioned that she initially thought Kenji was a quiet person, but after spending time together, she discovered his hidden funny side. For example, when Kayan was discussing with the photographer which side of her face looked better, Kenji calmly replied, “Both sides are okay.” It wasn’t self-praise or showing off, just stating a fact. Looking at his sincere face, the whole room burst into laughter and gave him a genuine “handsome certification” from the bottom of their hearts.

Pattern scarf top, Pattern Jeans & Speedy Bandoulière 20 Handbag All from Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama

Blank canvas

Both emerging as singers and actors, the two have recently been quietly working hard to enhance their own abilities. Kayan, who has already released four personal music works, is busy preparing for two new songs. She revealed that they will present very different styles. One is a lively dance song collaborated with Ansonbean and Akiko, while the other is a sad love song with an Avril Lavigne vibe. On the other hand, Kenji, who has gained popularity with the drama series “I SWIM,” mysteriously mentioned that he is learning some new things. Perhaps when he masters them, we will be able to know about his new direction.

Black Pattern Bomber Jacket from Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama

Both creators are self-taught, and they believe their biggest advantage is having an almost unlimited capacity for absorption. “Like a blank canvas, not being restricted by too many frameworks. And if you do well, people will think, ‘Wow, she’s not even trained and she’s doing great.’ (laughs),” says Kayan. Kenji also sees himself as an unsaturated sponge, able to venture wherever he pleases. In this process, if they can create some works that are recognized by others, it would be a bonus.

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Art exists in every breath.

“Art is life to me, it is everywhere.” In Kayan’s eyes, everything from the clothes they wear to the painting hanging across from them, even the photos on their phone, can all be called art, regardless of size or value. Kenji nods in agreement, believing that everything in the world has its own aesthetics, and art exists between heaven and earth, in every breath. When it comes to artists who fully embody this idea, Yayoi Kusama, who devotes her life to art, is definitely one of them.

On kayan: White Pattern crop sweater, White pattern skirt, socks & sneakers All from Louis Vuitton, On Kenji: Pattern freeze jacket, White pattern tee, Pattern pockets pants, Dots print hat & sneakers All from Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama

The eternal soul is present.

The 94-year-old “Polka Dot Queen” began experiencing hallucinations and auditory hallucinations at the age of 10. She was diagnosed by her attending physician as having a high degree of mental disorder and often had suicidal thoughts. Fortunately, her love for art allowed her to persist and become a unique presence in the art world. The polka dots that often appear in her hallucinations have become her creative inspiration, both her signature and a generation’s classic. Earlier, she exhibited three new works created last year at the M+ Museum: “Pumpkin,” “Neurotic Death,” and “Obsession with the Origin – Longing for Paradise.” This year, she collaborated with Louis Vuitton to create a clothing collection that reflects this whimsical and fantastical world in a colorful and playful way. Kenji, in particular, loves the blue baseball jacket she wore during the interview. The playful embroidery patterns on it were inspired by Yayoi Kusama’s “My Eternal Soul” series of paintings, which she has been creating since 2009. Isn’t “where my eternal soul resides” the most sincere and romantic declaration of love for creation?

Dots print tee & pants, Red dots sneakers All from Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama

Stay Foolish

“The most effective way to maintain creativity and motivation, I think, is to Stay Foolish and look at the world from different perspectives, which allows us to discover different beauties.” As beginners in the creative field, both Kayan and Kenji express that they are still on a continuous learning journey. They believe that when a person sees enough things, their horizons naturally broaden. Elements such as movies, music, art, personal experiences, and feelings can all be transformed into sources of creativity and inspiration. When it comes to performers who hold an important place in their hearts, Kayan mentions Lady Gaga. “I have loved her music and style since I was young. I think she is someone who puts a lot of effort and has many ideas. The movie she starred in was also very touching, and she is a performer I greatly respect.” For Kenji, it is J-hope, a member of BTS.

Pattern freeze jacket, White pattern tee & Dots print hat All from Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama

“He is someone who knows how to express his thoughts and worldview through colors, and his works are full of infectious energy.” In addition to being a member of ARMY (the collective term for BTS fans), BTS is also the catalyst for his interest in this industry. He hopes to become a memorable creator in the future, so that people can naturally think of Fan Qizhi when they see one of his works. On the other hand, Kayan smiles and expresses her aspiration to become a creator who values both beauty and intelligence. As someone who has always loved R&B, she discovered many shortcomings after becoming a singer, such as lacking professional knowledge in music production. This motivated her to learn more in all aspects and become a well-rounded talent.

On Kenji: Pattern Scarf, Blue silk print shirt & Pockets pants All from Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama On kayan: White pattern vest & skirt, Socks & Sneakers All from Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama

The importance of post-match review

To make progress, you must first have expectations for yourself. Both individuals currently have their own challenges to complete. For example, Kayan hopes to create works that she is satisfied with. “Every time I complete a piece, I always feel like it could be better. I always have that thought.” She says she is the type of person who is afraid to listen to the finished product, while Kenji is the opposite. “I am someone who constantly watches the playback. Even after it officially airs, I continuously replay my own part to see what I did wrong.” Conducting a meticulous review after the competition is a habit he has cultivated since his days as an athlete. “The most important thing as an athlete is to know your own shortcomings and then study and improve upon them. This also applies to the entertainment industry. When I know which areas I need to improve on, I will take classes. This level of insight has greatly helped me.” Recently, he has been seeking to eliminate the bad habit of “laziness,” for example, even if he is tired, he cannot make excuses to not exercise. But after all, athletes are also human, and occasionally wanting to slack off is probably understandable, right?

Executive Producer: Angus Mok
Photographer: Leung Mo
Art Direction: Mimi Kong & Leung Mo
Styling: Yoyo (kayan9896), Yoanah Chan (Kenji)

Makeup: Chi Chi Li @chichili (kayan), @agnesypw (Kenji)
Hair: Lupus Chui @Lupus_c_hair (kayan), @holamchong (Kenji)
Set Design: Karson Liu
Interview: Jay Chow
Bite Editor: Blaire Lo
Videographer: Kason Tam, Alvin Kong, Fai Wong
Video Edit: Kason Tam, Alvin Kong, Fai Wong
Wardrobe: Louis Vuitton

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