July 8, 2024

Must-watch TV series in July: Hsu Guanghan’s first Korean drama, the return of “Sweet Home” for its third season, and Tang Wei’s new work as Kong Liu’s wife.

7 月影集

July brings more highly anticipated Korean dramas, in addition to the long-awaited “Sweet Home” Season 3, there is also Xu Guanghan’s first Korean drama, Rain’s new work, Japan’s first male gay variety show, and the strong lineup of Kong Liu, Tang Wei, Suzy, and Park Bo-gum in “Wonderland” are all worth looking forward to!

“Detective on a Business Trip: Aisofuli”

“Coming 2 America” premiered exclusively on Netflix on July 3rd! The free-spirited Detroit police officer Axel Foley (played by Eddie Murphy) had an unforgettable first experience solving a case in Beverly Hills, and now the super detective is back in full force, showcasing his skills once again while causing chaos!

This time, the daughter of Fury (played by Taylor Paige) is at a critical juncture between life and death. Father and daughter join forces with new partner (played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and old colleagues Billy Rosewood (played by Jackie Ray) and John Taggart (played by John Ashton) to intensify the investigation and uncover a major conspiracy.

“The Red Swan”

“The Originator of the Korean Wave” Rain Jung Ji-hoon and “Korean Drama Queen” Kim Hee-na star in the Disney+ original Korean drama “Red Swan,” which will exclusively premiere on July 3rd! The story expands the boundaries of Korean dramas, focusing on a “forbidden love” where a wealthy woman (played by Kim Hee-na) turns a blind eye to her husband’s infidelity in order to stay in high society, falling in love with a new bodyguard (played by Rain Jung Ji-hoon). This forbidden love between individuals of different social statuses causes a stir in the top-tier high society of Korea. Will there be breakthroughs in the collaboration between the two lead actors? What shocking scenes will unfold to captivate the audience?

Rain returns to the screen after a two-year absence, playing a top bodyguard with a mysterious background in the drama. Fans are looking forward to seeing his perfect physique on screen, as well as the strongest temptation of a perfect bodyguard from inside and out. In addition to easily capturing the heart of the married socialite Kim Hee-na, it will definitely make the audience swoon!

7 月影集

Another eye-catching role in the drama is played by Jin Heena’s cheating husband, portrayed by the eight-pack muscle man Zheng Kangyun, whose unreleased scenes have already sparked bold speculation. In this intricate web of emotions, a greater tension is set to unfold!

7 月影集

“Alex Honnold’s North Pole”

The National Geographic documentary “The Arctic: Alex Honnold’s Climb” has been released on Disney+. Led by Alex Honnold, a renowned American rock climber who was involved in the Oscar-winning documentary “Free Solo,” a team of explorers will embark on a six-week journey to the eastern part of Greenland to attempt the first ascent of one of the world’s highest unclimbed rock walls. However, this is not just a simple “climbing trip.” With the help of glaciologist Heidi Sevestre, Alex and the team will also investigate the impact of climate change on the glaciers, ice caps, and fjords of the remote Arctic region.

7 月影集

“Breaking Point”

The Hong Kong crime action film “Shock Wave 2,” starring Andy Lau, Sean Lau, Louis Koo, and Ni Ni, has been released on Disney+. Directed by Herman Yau, with Cheang Pou-soi as the executive director! The story follows Senior Inspector Li Ze-bang of the Narcotics Bureau who sends undercover cop Jiang Ming (Louis Koo) to infiltrate a drug trafficking group in hopes of breaking the leader Han Yang (Sean Lau). Tensions between the police force and the drug cartel escalate, making the situation even more complicated. Meanwhile, Ying Xiu (Ni Ni), who supplies drug raw materials in the Golden Triangle, arrives in Hong Kong, hoping to make one last move before retiring. However, when her daughter meets with an accident, Ah Bang uses this as leverage to force Ying Xiu to cooperate with the police and break the drug traffickers’ den.

“The Country of Qixi”

The manga adaptation of “Parasite” by Iwaaki Hitoshi, the original Japanese drama “The Country of Tanabata,” has been released on Disney+! The story follows Nanba Yoji (played by Hosoda Yoshiota), a laid-back university student who seems to have achieved nothing in life, discovering a seemingly useless ability – the power to create a small hole in any object. Known affectionately as “Nanba” among his friends, he suddenly finds himself in the midst of a world-threatening crisis, and it turns out that his seemingly “useless” ability may be the key to saving the world.

“The Rajah of the Attic”

The Japanese animated film “Raji in the Attic,” which has been released on Netflix, was produced by the Japanese animation studio Studio Ponoc and directed by Yoshiyuki Momose, adapted from the British children’s novel “Fantasy”! It tells the story of a girl named Amanda who, after losing her father, fantasizes about a boy named Raji (ラジャー) in her mind, and embarks on exciting adventures with this “imaginary friend,” spending time together in the world of imagination and reality. However, one day, Raji finds himself alone and facing a mysterious crisis.

“Summer Coffee Boyfriend”

The first gay reality show in Japan, “Summer Coffee Boyfriend,” will exclusively premiere on Netflix on July 9th! The show features nine gay men from different parts of the world including Japan, South Korea, Brazil, and Taiwan. They will live together in a seaside cottage called the “Green Space” and take turns running a mint green coffee truck. Each of the nine participants holds different hopes and dreams, whether it’s finding love or a soulmate, or simply wanting to become a better person, all hoping to achieve them in the Green Space.

The hosts of the show include MEGUMI, Haran Chiaki, Aoyama Deima, drag queen Durian Lulu Brigitte, and Yoshimi Dei, in addition to falling in love, brotherhood, jealousy, and other interactions, there is also a kiss that even the host Yoshimi Dei said would go down in history, how can one not look forward to it?

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  • “The Hashimoto Murder Case”

    Adapted from the bestselling novel of the same name by renowned author Rebecca Godfrey, the story tells the true story of 14-year-old Lina Wick (played by Veronika Gupta) in 1997. Lina disappeared after attending a friend’s party. The series will take viewers into the world of a group of young female suspects through the perspectives of Godfrey (played by Rhea Chakraborty) and a local police officer (played by Lily Gladstone), searching for the seemingly impossible culprit and uncovering hidden secrets.

    7 月影集

    Season 3 of “Sweet Home”

    The long-awaited final season of “Sweet Home” will be exclusively available on Netflix on July 19th! The third season will be starring powerhouse actors such as Song Jiang, Lee Jin-uk, Lee Shi-ah, Ko Min-si, Ryu Woo-sung, Woo Jung-sik, Kim Moo-ryul, Park Jin-young, and the surprise appearance of the “King of Monsters” Lee Da-hwan! This season tells the story of the gradual blurring of the boundary between monsters and humans, the world on the brink of collapse, and humans facing difficult choices. With conflicts of desire, a battle of desperation unfolds.

    “Love on the Cloud 2”

    The Hong Kong romantic comedy film “Marriage Diary 2”, directed by Chan Maohin, starring Chapman To, Venus Wong, Bob Lam, Toby Leung, Jennifer Yu, and Yang Siyong, is a sequel to the 2021 film “Marriage Diary” and will be available on Disney+ on July 19, 2023!

    The story tells of the challenges that Jia’s return to Hong Kong brought to Jia (played by Chin Ka Lok) and Ke Yi (played by Wai Sze Nga), causing their relationship to unknowingly enter a bottleneck period; Grizzly (played by Chu Pak Hong) has now cultivated his mind and character, but his wife Jenny (played by Tam Sin Yin) is gradually losing interest in him, sounding an alarm bell for their seven-year marriage; while Ah Kin (played by Sam Lee) and Jessica (played by Yeung Choi Wing) are still passionate about their bedroom activities. Even with all safety measures in place, they still face that 0.01% chance of an accident! The six individuals face their own relationship bottlenecks, and the key lies in whether they can rediscover their original intentions, why they fell in love in the first place?

    “The Ground Master”

    The Netflix series “The Confidence Man JP” starring Japanese actors Toma Ikuta and Tsuyoshi Kusanagi will be available on Netflix on July 25th, with a total of 7 episodes in the first season! Adapted from the novel “The Confidence Man” by Koji Shintaro, this real estate crime suspense story depicts an unprecedented fraud case, where a group of confidence men hear about a piece of prime land worth up to 10 billion yen, and decide to go to great lengths to carry out their ambitious scam.

    No Way Out: Russian Roulette

    Taiwanese heartthrob Xu Guanghan’s first action crime Korean drama “No Way Out: The Roulette,” written by “Dark Figure of Crime” screenwriter Lee Soo-jin and directed by “Save Me” director Choi Gook-hee. In the drama, Xu Guanghan transforms into the mixed-blood killer “Mr. Smile,” acting alongside strong actors such as Jo Jin-woong, Lee Kwang-soo, Yoo Jae-myung, Kim Moo-ryul, and Lim Jung-ah, and will exclusively premiere on Disney+ on July 31st. Faced with money and human nature, how will you choose?

    The series tells the story of the most hated man in Korea, Kim Gu-ho (played by Ryu Jae-myeong), who is released on parole after serving 13 years in prison for a series of heinous crimes. A mysterious citizen is extremely angry about his release on parole and openly offers a reward of 20 billion Korean won (equivalent to 1.09 billion Hong Kong dollars) to anyone who can capture or kill this notorious criminal! Faced with an increasing number of people wanting to kill him, Kim Gu-ho must trust the police team protecting him to survive, as a life-and-death bounty game unfolds!


    The Korean science fiction film “Wonderland,” starring Tang Wei, Park Bo-gum, Bae Suzy, Jung Yu-mi, and Choi Woo-shik, will exclusively premiere on Netflix in July. Gong Yoo will also make a special appearance as Tang Wei’s husband, which is highly anticipated! Directed and written by Kim Tae-yong, known for “Late Autumn,” the movie tells the story of a future where humans will develop a virtual world called “Wonderland,” allowing people to reunite with their loved ones.

    7 月影集
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