July 2, 2024

Beauty Empties for the first half of 2024: 5 recommended empty bottles by beauty experts, Hins Cheung’s stylist, and celebrity makeup artist.

2024 空瓶推薦

As we reach the middle of the year, ZTYLEZ has invited beauty influencer Christy Lee, hairstylist for Jacky Cheung Constance Lee, and celebrity makeup artist Daniel Ng to recommend the top 5 empty bottles of the first half of the year. They will also exclusively share summer makeup and skincare tips. Let’s see what their favorite products are and make sure to follow their recommendations for a foolproof purchase!

Beauty expert Christy

Christy often shares her favorite makeup products in reels, from skincare to makeup, she never cuts corners! As a makeup enthusiast, she often needs to use many different products in a short amount of time, which can sometimes cause skin issues! Instead of just hydrating, Christy has been focusing more on exfoliation recently, and she emphasizes the importance of simple moisturizing before makeup! Let’s see which products she recommends!

1. Dior Beauty Prestige Le Baume Démaquillant

“It gives a feeling of both makeup removal and skincare at the same time. The principle is that beeswax transforms into makeup remover oil, dissolving impurities while removing stubborn makeup. I mainly use it to remove foundation makeup. It has enough cleansing power, but after removing makeup, the skin does not feel tight at all, and even feels very soft.”

2. Fresh Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence

“Very refreshing toner, skin feels stable when using it, suitable for use in all seasons in Hong Kong, sometimes use it as a pre-makeup wet compress, can quickly hydrate the skin, very effective, and does not conflict with other makeup products.”

3. Make Up For Ever HD SKIN Powder Foundation

“An essential item to carry with you every day, fine and delicate powder, high coverage, excellent for setting or touch-ups, my favorite for concealing under-eye circles!”

4. JUNG SAE MMOOL Beauty Artist Eye Palette # Red Brown

“My favorite eyeshadow palette recently, you can even bring only one box when traveling! Each of the six colors has its own purpose, one box can be used to draw eyeshadow, blush, eyeliner, and brighten the eyes~”

5. Gisou Honey Infused Hydrating Lip Oil #Strawberry Sorbet

“I got one from Sephora in Canada, it’s the most pigmented lip oil I’ve ever used. You don’t need to apply lip tint beforehand, the color on the lips looks very nice, like strawberry jam, smells like strawberry jelly too!”

Christy’s exclusive summer makeup and skincare tips

Christy emphasizes the importance of a makeup look that is natural and not cakey. She only applies a refreshing hydrating essence and a moisturizing sunscreen before makeup. In addition, she reminds everyone to remember to clean their makeup brushes and tools regularly. As for makeup, she recently loves using 2 to 3 boxes of blush, which adds depth to the color and can also brighten facial contours at the same time!

When attending events or being photographed, Christy is most afraid of having a shiny face under the lights, but at the same time, she loves having a radiant complexion. That’s why she loves the technique of partial touch-ups. She uses Make Up For Ever HD SKIN powder for the under-eye area; for the rest of her face, she loves using Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Brightening Powder!

Stylist for Hins Cheung, Constance

Stylist and influencer Constance, who is a stylist for Hins Cheung, has recommended many trendy fashion items for everyone. This time, she shares the top 5 empty bottle products for the first half of the year! With dry and sensitive skin, she not only carefully selects skincare products, but also prefers a minimalist skincare routine and refreshing products. Let’s take a look at what she recommends!

1. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged

“High moisture content, moisture can be sustained throughout the day! It can reduce wrinkles, use it to massage around the eyes, and has the effect of reducing dark circles!”

2. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

“Quickly penetrates the skin, perfect for air-conditioned places in the summer or dry weather in the winter. After using it at night, the skin feels very comfortable and moisturized, with a light fragrance that makes falling asleep even more comfortable!”

3. Kiehl’s Hydro-Plumping Hydrating Serum

In the morning, use it as an essence to keep the skin hydrated, it is very dry and easy to absorb, it will not make the skin sticky during the day, after using it, applying moisturizer will feel more moisturizing effects!

4. Frédéric Malle Perfume Outrageous Sophia Grojsman

“I have always liked their perfumes because the scents are very unique. They also have different perfumers to blend each perfume, so each one has a lot of personality. This one has a floral and sandalwood scent, the effect is very unique!”

5. L:A BRUKET Lip balm 017

“I apply lip balm every day! This lip balm has the perfect level of moisture, not too greasy. Its design is easy to use, and easy to apply. After a few hours, my lips still feel hydrated, so I use it at least 3 times a day!”

Constance Exclusive Summer Makeup and Skincare Tips

Constance, who has dry and sensitive skin, prefers a minimalist skincare routine and refreshing products. She believes that less is more when it comes to skincare, achieving optimal healthy skin with the fewest steps possible! As for makeup, she tries to avoid full coverage foundation as much as possible to prevent the formation of oil seeds.

Star makeup artist Daniel

Star makeup artist Daniel has over 12 years of makeup experience, and Grace Chan, Yan Ting, Myolie Wu, Irene Kim, and others are long-term artists he has collaborated with! With his wealth of experience, this time he will generously share with us his list of favorite products from the first half of the year, which have received his stamp of approval by being used up to the last drop! Let’s reveal them one by one!

1. La Mer The lifting and firming mask

“Before doing makeup for celebrities, taking care of the skin is crucial, especially focusing on contouring and reducing puffiness. After using 4 bottles, the first step after cleansing the skin is to use a massage to quickly enhance the contours and reduce puffiness. The texture is like gelato, light and smooth on the skin, and most importantly, makeup can be applied directly after use without rinsing, allowing the skin to benefit from the mask’s effects all day long, tightening and perfecting the skin for flawless filming every day.”

2. Tatcha Gold Camellia Beauty Oil

“Using oil to nourish my skin is my skincare secret! The camellia oil that I’ve emptied two bottles of contains anti-oxidant gold foil to brighten the skin tone. It moisturizes while softening the skin’s keratin layer, and using essence products afterwards helps maintain the skin’s water-oil balance all day long, ensuring that makeup stays flawless without caking or smudging.”

3. MZ Skin LightMAX MiniPro EYECONIC™

Not just an empty LED beauty device! Simply apply it to the under eye area for 10 minutes to easily brighten the eyes, visibly reducing the texture of the skin after LED treatment, and improving skin hydration! Used by artists before makeup, fans noticed an improvement in their eyes that day. Definitely worth investing time in “shining” skin!

4. ONE/SIZE On Til Dawn Setting Spray

A secret weapon that doesn’t want to be revealed! Currently the strongest setting spray in the world. The spray is extremely fine, without any water droplets, so it won’t affect makeup during the spraying process. Waterproof, sweat-proof, rain-proof, and tear-proof, it remains unaffected! Almost scentless, truly making it usable for anyone. The only downside is that it’s often out of stock, but having it makes touch-ups very easy.

5. Pro X by OLAY Tone Perfection Spot Fading Essence

“The texture is light and thin on the face as if there is nothing on it. At night, I will take the opportunity to apply 3 pumps of repair cream all over my face. Using 2 bottles (about 1.5 months) can visibly brighten the skin tone and reduce pigmentation. Stick to 3 pumps at night, and 1 pump in the morning! Effective and easy to use, so I start using spot essence every summer to lighten spots and prevent new ones.”

Daniel’s exclusive summer makeup and skincare tips

Daniel, who has combination oily skin, mentioned that he uses makeup remover oil every night to soften pores and keratin. He also uses disposable cleansing towels with emulsifying makeup remover to keep his skin pores clear and his skin soft and smooth, so he rarely has acne. In the summer, whenever he goes out, whether bare-faced or wearing makeup, he applies loose powder to keep his skin fresh, reducing contact between the skin and dust to prevent allergies and clogged pores.

Daniel always brings his own makeup light and candy when working, helping him to have perfect lighting and clear makeup at different locations. As a makeup artist, he says that photoshoots require a lot of energy, and meal times are very tight, so it’s crucial to supplement with sugar!

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