November 20, 2023

2023 Christmas Proposal: 15 High-end Niche Fragrances, Limited Edition Holiday Perfumes, Must-Have Gift Sets

2023 聖誕節提案

The most romantic Christmas of the year is coming soon. Have you thought about what gift to give to your best sister? In the past, we have introduced a variety of 2023 Christmas goodies. This time, we recommend party essential perfume products for you again. From niche fragrances, limited edition holiday perfumes to gift sets, they are all very complete. Whether you want to reward yourself or use them as party exchange gifts, they are absolutely suitable!

The timeless and unbeatable fragrance must-have collection for perfume enthusiasts! The N° 5 Perfume Gift Set includes N° 5 Eau de Parfum 50ml and N° 5 The Body Oil 100ml; N° 5 is now presented in a bottle that echoes the classic perfume’s design. This gift set showcases the sensual aspect of this legendary scent, combining the classic perfume with essential body products to extend the fragrance experience. Don’t miss out on the limited edition Chanel N°5 perfume for this year’s Christmas!

2023 聖誕節提案

Chanel N° 5 Perfume Gift Set HK$1,795

The La Grande Découverte perfume set allows you to discover your own personal scent from Byredo and bring home a full bottle of your signature fragrance. The set includes 24 small 2ml bottles of perfume, ranging from Bal d’Afrique to Blanche, Mixed Emotions to Mojave Ghost, as well as new creations like Eyes Closed and Animalique, allowing you to experience a variety of Byredo’s classic scents. Each set comes with a gift card that can be redeemed for a 100ml bottle of any Byredo fragrance using a unique redemption code, making it the perfect gift choice!

2023 聖誕節提案

Byredo La Grande Découverte Perfume Gift Set HK$2,550

The legendary perfume brand CREED has launched a new rose-scented creation, Carmina “Burning Passion”, drawing inspiration from the brand’s history of haute couture. It captures the classic and luxurious feel of exquisite fashion, with a vibrant and stunning purple-red color as the main tone of the perfume bottle. With a romantic and sweet floral-fruity scent intertwined with a deep and mysterious amber woody fragrance, it leaves behind a lingering and enigmatic aura. From the design of the perfume bottle to the fragrance itself, every detail highlights the sophistication and luxury of CREED.

2023 聖誕節提案

CREED Carmina “Burning Passion Red” HK$1,660/30ml; HK$2,785/75ml

Valentino Beauty invites you to unlock the party frenzy together with BORN IN ROMA DONNA women’s perfume and scented body lotion, allowing you to exude a high-end custom-made elegant fragrance at all times. It is definitely a highly addictive scent with a high return rate. Don’t forget the portable fragrance refill for a convenient touch-up. This Christmas, you can’t be without it!

2023 聖誕節提案

Valentino Beauty BORN IN ROMA DONNA Women’s Perfume 100ml Set HK$1,600

Gucci Guilty Elixir de Parfum Pour Femme exudes a captivating amber floral fragrance, enhancing the distinctive scent of Gucci Guilty with a fresh vitality and irresistible charm. The elegant and ethereal notes of wisteria and mandrake blend perfectly with the alluring combination of vanilla and labdanum, creating a mysterious and intoxicating aroma. The addition of rose and violet notes elevates the fragrance, making it elegant, bright, and lively, surely a favorite among many girls!

2023 聖誕節提案
Gucci Guilty Elixir de Parfum Pour Femme Fragrance HK$1,460/60ml

Smell has the deepest impact on our memories during our journey. Sage is a sacred flower that has been used for purification rituals since ancient times. It is also an important part of perfumer Mylène Alran’s childhood memories, reminding her of her childhood in the south of France and her travels in the mountains of Morocco. She combines sage with citrus notes and rose water to create a fragrance that is as pure and refreshing as a gentle breeze, showcasing the beauty of nature. The packaging is environmentally friendly and all materials can be recycled, ensuring sustainability.

2023 聖誕節提案
Chloé Atelier des Fleurs HYSOPE HK$1,230/50ml; $2,260/150ml

Diptyque’s new addition to their personal fragrance collection this year, L’Eau Papier, will be released as a limited edition for the holiday season. The decorative pattern features exquisite gold embossed designs, resembling ink strokes on paper, with a delicate and subtle blending effect. It looks extremely exquisite and offers a dual enjoyment of both visual and olfactory senses. Those who love “L’Eau Papier” must definitely collect the limited edition!

2023 聖誕節提案

Diptyque Limited Edition L’Eau Papier Eau de Toilette 100ml HK$1,220

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  • YSL’s classic LIBRE perfume has been given a makeover this Christmas, with a shiny white lacquer finish and gold embossed design, exuding a luxurious and fashionable vibe. As a packaging enthusiast, it’s hard to resist its temptation! Born from the blooming flowers of France and Morocco, this wonderful concept was created between Paris and New York, balancing between masculine and feminine, adding a touch of cool elegance to your holiday outfit.

    2023 聖誕節提案

    YSL Beauté 2023 Holiday Limited Edition Perfume Collection LIBRE Perfume HK$1,210/50ml

    BVLGARI Omnia Crystalline is an extension of fresh and bright fragrance, reminiscent of the transparency of lotus flowers, the freshness of water pears, and the smooth texture of bosom wood, highlighting the gentle and sensual femininity, instantly captivating. The new bottle packaging maintains the original contour of the BLVGARI OMNIA series, inspired by colored gemstones, retaining the representation of infinite dual rings, reshaped by a detachable method, like two overlapping rings, making the overall design more exquisite and luxurious, suitable for gifting or collecting!

    2023 聖誕節提案

    BVLGARI OMNIA Crystalline EDT HK$950/50ml; HK$1,380/100ml

    all of me has a unique floral fragrance that celebrates the independent spirit of modern women, living freely and pursuing their true selves with confidence. The gift set includes a 90ml bottle of all of me Eau de Parfum, a 10ml portable fragrance, and a 50ml body lotion. Its irresistibly charming scent is perfect for enhancing confidence and elegance on important occasions!

    2023 聖誕節提案

    Narciso Rodriguez Parfums All of Me Eau de Parfum Gift Set HK$1,120

    L’Eau d’Issey women’s fragrance seems to come from natural mountain springs. Water is the source of life, bringing pure and fresh vitality, and is one of the favorite fragrances for many people. The gift box contains L’Eau d’Issey Eau de Toilette 100ml, a portable fragrance 10ml, and a body lotion 50ml, allowing you to exude a charming fragrance all over your body. It is definitely the first choice for indulging yourself!

    2023 聖誕節提案

    ISSEY MIYAKE Parfums L’Eau d’Issey Fragrance Gift Set HK$1,010

    Targeting perfume enthusiasts’ gifting preferences, this DISCOVERY SET includes the brand’s most popular six fragrances from the Classic Collection — Another 13, Rose 31, Santal 33, Thé Matcha 26, Thé Noir 29, and the newly introduced Classic Collection fragrance Lavande 31. The set is beautifully packaged in a personalized labeled Le Labo classic leather box, making it a foolproof choice for gifting without any hesitation.

    2023 聖誕節提案

    Le Labo Limited Edition 6X5ML Fragrance DISCOVERY SET HK$1,000

    In the adorable Christmas gingerbread house gift box, you will find a collection of 5 limited edition Christmas fragrances that girls love, including warm gingerbread, intoxicating bitter orange, fresh green almond with red currant, winter-bright white moss and snowdrop, and captivating midnight musk with amber. These fragrances are hidden in the limited edition gingerbread house Christmas gift box, making it perfect for travel and satisfying your desire to explore multiple Jo Malone London fragrances at once.

    2023 聖誕節提案

    Jo Malone London Christmas Limited Edition Cologne Gift Set HK$980/9ml x 5

    Maison Margiela Fragrances introduces a new member to its popular “Replica” perfume collection: “WooDust.” This fragrance captures the mysterious nighttime memories of the Namibian wilderness. With a blend of oud and leather notes, it exudes a warm, mysterious, and wild scent, perfectly recreating the enigmatic feeling of a warm starry night. The stimulating essence of black pepper harmonizes with the rugged scent of leather, evoking the sensation of spending a night in the spectacular great outdoors. If your friend is an outdoor enthusiast, they will surely love it. Let them bring it along for a camping trip under the stars and await surprises from the universe!

    2023 聖誕節提案

    Maison Margiela Fragrances Replica Under the Stars HK$690/30ml;$1,320/100ml

    Want to express love in a different way? Highly recommend the vibrant and richly layered COACH LOVE! The energetic wild strawberry opens the prelude of COACH Love’s floral and fruity fragrance. The middle note of red velvet rose emits a velvety floral scent like velvet, and finally reveals a hint of warm cedar, leaving a delicate and moving aftertaste, telling love boldly and sincerely through fragrance.

    2023 聖誕香水
    COACH COACH Love EDP HK$450/30ml; HK$715/50ml; HK$960/90ml
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