June 4, 2024

【June Exhibition Collection】From renowned designers to dreamy stories, share the June exhibition pocket list!

Every month, different artists bring us new visuals or perspectives with their different works. Following the featured exhibition recommendations in May, this time we will not keep it to ourselves and present to you the editor’s selected June exhibition pocket list. Why not come and take a look together on the holidays?

1. M+ Museum
“Rock Hsu: From Image to Word”

Known as the father of Hong Kong graphic design, **Henry Steiner** (born in 1934) has always been closely associated with Hong Kong through his design works, such as the red and white hexagonal logo of HSBC, the banknote designs for Standard Chartered Bank, and logos for many other well-known Hong Kong companies, all of which are the creations of Henry Steiner.

Born in Austria, Hans Rudolf Giger moved to Hong Kong in 1961 to live and work. He studied under the famous American designer Paul Rand, and his graphic design is deeply influenced by the principles he learned from Rand. Giger has created a unique way of conveying images, skillfully juxtaposing different cultural elements with a keen visual sense, designing works that are lively, surprising, and thought-provoking.

The special exhibition “Rocky Stone: From Image to Language” features over 200 exhibits, divided into two parts: the first part introduces Rocky Stone’s growth and early experiences in Hong Kong, while the second part showcases selected works from the M+ Rocky Stone Project Archive, demonstrating how his designs reflect Hong Kong’s development and the changes in daily life of its citizens. From landmarks like the Ocean Terminal and the Leisure Lodge (now the Park Lane Hotel) to various promotional materials, consumer goods, banks, hotels, and private clubs that promote Hong Kong, these selected projects present some enduring brand images of Hong Kong, recognizing his significant influence on graphic design language and tracing Hong Kong’s development over more than sixty years.

Shi Hanrui said: “M+ is a visual cultural museum rooted in Asia. I am honored to hold a personal exhibition here to witness my creative process and works. Hong Kong has always been my home, and this city has continuously provided me with inspiration for my creations over the years. I am proud to contribute to the various innovations in Hong Kong’s development. Additionally, through this retrospective exhibition, I hope to let global audiences understand the art of visual communication and view it as a part of Hong Kong’s visual culture from a new perspective.”

In addition to the exhibition, the book “The Hong Kong of Shih Hon Ray” has been released, featuring the classic works of the father of Hong Kong graphic design. Founded by Zolima’s editor-in-chief Nicole Andrianjaka de Surville, with contributions from Christopher DeWolf, Boz Chau, and Zhang Xiwen; the local design company MAJO Design carefully designed the layout, with photography by May James, Kevin Mak, and William Furniss, and illustrations by Tam Yik Yan. This book will be released on the opening day of the M+ Museum’s exhibition “Shih Hon Ray: From Image to Text”, definitely worth collecting!

“Shi Hanrui: From Image to Language”
Date: Officially opens on June 15, 2024
Location: M+ | Bao Peili, Watanabe Shinichiro Exhibition Hall
(For more information and registration details about the lecture, please refer to the M+ website.)

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  • 2. WOAW Gallery
    Willem Hoeffnagel solo exhibition “Embodied”

    “Embodied” presents the latest paintings of Dutch artist Willem Hoeffnagel, capturing the subtle emotions in his life, continuing to experience and create his iconic characters, embarking on a journey of introspection and emotional exploration.

    Hoeffnagel believes that what sets humans apart from everything else is the existence of emotions – emotions that arise from various experiences in life and are the basic elements that make us human. For him, emotions are not inherently good or bad, but rather a reflection of one’s state of mind. The cartoon-like characters in his paintings are images that can represent anyone, without pointing to specific individuals, allowing the stories or situations in the paintings to be presented in a vague manner, giving viewers room for their own interpretation.

    The works in the exhibition “Embodied” are not about defining emotions clearly, but about allowing each piece to convey the emotions that the audience feels and resonates with.

    Embodied | Willem Hoeffnagel Solo Exhibition
    Date: May 16 – June 14, 2024
    Location: WOAW Gallery | 5 Sun Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

    3. Quiet Gallery
    Japanese artist Yondaiko Kosuke’s solo exhibition “Sally Dynasty”

    Japanese artist Netoshi Yuki is a self-taught, multi-talented artist. In addition to painting, he is also a graphic designer, animation creator, music composer, and craftsman, showing his diverse skills. Inspired by the ruins, myths, and fables of medieval Europe, as well as his childhood memories, dreams, and imagination, Yuki has a deep love for medieval culture. His works are meticulously composed with a rich variety of elements, mainly depicting people, animals, bizarre scenes, and some fictional objects. Therefore, his paintings are full of unique personal characteristics – mysterious, eerie, whimsical, and diverse.

    This exhibition will showcase 21 pieces of different sizes, presenting viewers on the canvas a unique world that is distinct between fantasy and reality, both strange and charming, through the interplay of the depth of watercolors and the heavy texture of acrylic paints.

    If you gaze quietly at the works of Wudai Xingjie, you will feel as if a strong force is surrounding you, drawing us into this gorgeous and rich picture, causing curiosity to grow wildly in our hearts. This is because his works are full of childlike innocence, humor, warmth, and nostalgia, while also revealing some melancholy and unease, making people want to greedily linger in them.

    He spent a long time constructing a intricately designed “Another Realm” in his mind, where every character and creature in this world has a name and a story, such as creation myths, legends of gods, fables, or traditional festivals, forming a complete universe with its own culture, history, chronology, belief system, and language.

    Are you interested in learning about the unknown dynasty of Sally Dynasty?

    《Sally Dynasty》Solo Exhibition by Yukisuke
    Date: May 31 – June 16, 2024
    Location: Quiet Gallery HK | 15 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong (Shop 1, BELOWGROUND, Landmark Atrium)

    4. Zona Gallery
    A solo exhibition “Nature” by American artist Merrill Wagner

    American artist Merrill Wagner excels at drawing inspiration from salvaged steel and canvas scraps to create geometric relief walls, producing harsh, hard-edged abstract works. In fact, as early as 2022, Wagner’s solo exhibition was presented at the Zona Gallery, and this May she made another appearance, marking her first solo exhibition in the Greater China region in nearly 15 years.

    This exhibition covers Merril Wagner’s career and her creations on various traditional and non-traditional backing materials, including canvas, paper, slate, stone, organic glass, and steel plates. These alternative media are not only known for their highly textured appearance but also for their rich natural hints, echoing Merrill Wagner’s upbringing in the Pacific Northwest. The works on display in this exhibition can all be explored through Merrill Wagner’s enduring interest in the creative process, contingency, and the transformative effects of time, with particular attention to the piece “Crossing the Outer Bridge.”

    Meryl Wagner “Nature”
    Date: May 30, 2024 – August 2
    Time: 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM
    Location: 5-6/F, H Queen’s, 80 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong

    5. Soluna Fine Art
    《Park Yoon-Kyung: In Between Islands|島嶼之間》

    Contemporary Korean artist Park Run-kyung’s third solo exhibition, “Between Islands,” co-hosted with the gallery, takes the unique scenery, culture, and dialect of Jeju Island as creative inspiration. The entire gallery space is transformed into an archipelago, inviting viewers to surround the painting installations and appreciate the works from different angles, freely wandering between the islands of art.

    She paints on a semi-transparent gauze frame, reinterpreting traditional Korean text images in a modern abstract form, exploring infinite possibilities beyond traditional canvas, and exploring the connection and communication between humans and nature.

    Humans have both independent and social characteristics, which are also reflected in their works – each painting can be an independent piece, or they can be stacked together to form a composite composition, combining the paintings into three-dimensional art installations, and even under different lighting or environments, they have different variations.

    “Park Yoon-Kyung: In Between Islands”
    Date: May 9 – June 15, 2024
    Time: Tuesday to Saturday | 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
    Location: Soluna Fine Art | 52 Sai Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

    6. “Light and Shadow Workshop” Image Curator Training Program Results Exhibition
    “Corner of the Factory Building”

    When it comes to industrial buildings, what do you think of? Is it a garage, hardware store, factory, or warehouse? Erase the stereotypes, in some corners of industrial buildings, there are antique shops, hand-painted porcelain factories, and beautiful and quiet moments.

    The inspiration for “Corner of Industrial Buildings” comes from the exhibition venue – the independent art space WURE AREA located in the Po Lung Center, extending to the industrial buildings in the Kowloon Bay area. Coincidentally, I heard the lyrics of the local band KOLOR’s song “Factory Building” unintentionally at that time: the lights are not turned off / a small corner of the factory unit is shining, so I used “Corner of Industrial Buildings” as the name.

    Corner, not only refers to the “triangular eight corners” of the exhibition space, but also to remote, unnoticed places. Although most industrial buildings are located in the corners of the city, they have witnessed the prosperity and decline of Hong Kong’s manufacturing industry, and now also nurture creativity and aesthetics, craftsmanship and human emotions.

    Curated by Liu Dongpei, founder of the Hong Kong photography platform “Visible Record,” “Corner of Industrial Buildings” features two local photographers – Lam Hiu Man and Ho Yat, capturing the appearance of industrial buildings from both inside and outside, combining them in different perspectives to focus on unique industrial landscapes. This shooting technique of contrasting interior and exterior was inspired by the photography collection “City of Darkness Revisited” by photographer Greg Girard and architect Ian Lambot. Lam Hiu Man, founder of “Hong Kong Reminiscence,” has published the book “Hong Kong Reminiscence – Records of Old Hong Kong Shops,” and has organized photography exhibitions such as “Bright Window Dust” (2023) and “Powder Wheat Debut” (2024); Ho Yat (Rabbit Ho) integrates photography with writing, having held the exhibition “Great Hidden Rabbit” and released a fairy tale photography collection of the same name.

    Therefore, He Yi captures the appearance of buildings, integrating cute bunny patterns into inconspicuous buildings, reminding viewers to pay attention to architectural details that are easily overlooked in everyday life; while Lin Xiaomin focuses on the space of industrial buildings and the unique shops within them, the silent workers, adhering to the attitude towards traditional craftsmanship and lifestyle aesthetics, reflecting the vitality and diversity of industrial buildings.

    “Corner of the Factory Building”
    Date: June 15 – June 30, 2024
    Time: Friday to Tuesday (Closed on Wednesday and Thursday) | 1:00 PM – 6:00 PM
    Address: WURE AREA | Room 707, 7th Floor, Block B, Po Lung Center, 11 Wang Chiu Road, Kowloon Bay

    7. The Stroll gallery
    “Ambiguous Intimacy; So Close Yet So Far”

    Living in a colorful world, if you could only choose one color to represent it, which one would you choose?

    For Korean artist Jeong JiYoon, it’s probably blue.
    In her works, she uses blue as the main color, and excels at evoking a sense of familiarity through gaze, smile, and sensory qualities in monochromatic compositions.

    She collected sensory qualities from images on the internet and presented them in a monochromatic style, representing both traditional painting styles and achieving abstract feelings through image distortion, surpassing traditional interpretive methods; while the monochromatic blue tones and dripping brushstrokes remove the visual characteristics of the original photos, not only breaking the original form of the artwork, but also making artistic expression more free.

    She hopes to share her unique insights on digital images and contemporary interpersonal relationships with people through these 20 works.

    “Ambiguous Intimacy; So Close Yet So Far”
    Date: June 7, 2024 – August 3, 2024
    Time: Tuesday – Saturday | 11AM – 7PM
    Location: The Stroll gallery | Room 504, 5/F, Hung Tat Industrial Centre, 21-33 Tai Lin Pai Road, Kwai Chung

    Breakthrough mechanism
    “Here for each other #HereWeAre: Exhibition”

    Unknowingly, “Breakthrough” has taken root in Hong Kong for 50 years, and with the theme of “#HereWeAre”, a series of activities such as exhibitions, youth exchanges, and seminars have been held to encourage the public to care about the current situation and needs of local youth. Although each young person is unique, they are interconnected in a web of relationships, shaping their own identity and values through each other.

    The exhibition is divided into three parts, attempting to organize the overview and trends of Hong Kong youth (aged 10-29) through data analysis, artistic creation, simulated experiences, and on-site interactions, presenting the pursuit and unease, struggles and expectations of Hong Kong youth. We sincerely hope that through understanding and communication, we can also see our own place and take a small step towards each other.

    “Here for Each Other #HereWeAre: Exhibition x Youth Exchange x Seminar”
    Date: June 6 – 16, 2024
    Time: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM (Monday to Thursday)
       10:00 AM – 9:00 PM (Friday to Sunday and Public Holidays)
    Location: Tai Kwun, Central|Duplex Studio|Duplex Exhibition Room 01

    9. Hauser & Wirth – Contemporary & Modern Art Gallery
    Tetsumi Kudo: Cages

    Japanese post-war artist Tetsumi Kudo (1935-1990) had a rich artistic practice that spanned over forty years, delving deeply into human experiences and processes, while questioning the expansion of mass consumption and the rise of technology. His works, through the combination of bio-morphic sculptures with ready-made materials and assemblage art, explored themes such as colonialism, racism, social cohesion, and environmental degradation.

    This exhibition showcases the iconic Cage series created by Toshimi Kudo between 1966 and 1980. These different worlds created within the works encourage the audience to see themselves as a part of a complete and complex universe. The interaction of nature, technology, and humanity is referred to by the artist as “Neo-Ecology.” Throughout the exhibited works, Kudo explores how systems such as time, nature, and culture are interconnected and overlapping, as well as the interest in how individuals integrate into the natural and cosmic order.

    “My focus is on ‘observation.’ I observe you, observe myself, and everyone else, just like a doctor observes a guinea pig.” – Tetsumi Kudo

    “Tetsumi Kudo: Cage”
    Date: May 31, 2024 – August 31, 2024
    Time: Tuesday – Saturday | 11AM – 7PM
    Location: Haus der Kunst Hong Kong | 8 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong

    France May x JPS Gallery
    “A Glimpse on the Bridge”

    “Un regard depuis le pont” (A glance from the bridge) brings together five contemporary artists, each of whom has developed a unique artistic style due to their connection with France. Artists Edmond Li Bellefroid, Kean, Lokz Phoenix, Ricko Leung, and Timm Blandin were all born or settled in France. In this exhibition, they will showcase a series of works in different mediums, highlighting the rich diversity and influence of French culture in today’s contemporary art scene.

    Date: June 14, 2024 – July 6, 2024
    Time: 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM
    Location: JPS Gallery | Shops 218 – 219, 2nd Floor, Atrium, Landmark, 15 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong

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